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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and Travel

With COVID-19, things changed just like that, but this affects everyone.

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What's in My Bag

I'm a road warrior, 240+ nights on the road in 2018 and 122 nights so far in 2019.

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What to Do When Your Travel Plans Go Wrong

At some point, "Travel Karma" will strike. It's not if it strikes, but when it strikes.

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Tracking My Travel

While I don't consider myself OCD I do enjoy keeping track of repetitive actions. I've taken the time to check-in to 809 Airports, 166 Gyms, and 744 Hotels....

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Travel Resolutions That Anyone Can Keep

As we begin a new year, and in this case a new decade, many of us set forth resolutions.For once consider making “Travel Resolutions”. And here’s why, first they’re fun and second ...

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There's an App for That

Throw a bunch of us road warriors together and it becomes our standard answer to most any travel challenge, "There's an app for that."

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Great Gifts and Not So Great Gifts for the Business Traveler

First, let us concentrate on the not so great gifts. These are gifts that no business traveler wants... ever.

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