Travel insights and stories from mobile professionals

May It Please the Court

The best analogy someone could give you regarding life as a law student is that it’s like trying to drink from a fire hydrant. Hundreds of pages to read each week, notes, outlines, memos.... 

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Touring the World

As a Sound Engineer, I'm traveling 220+ days a year, and I wouldn't change it for the world. I can honestly say that I am living my dream, and not many people can say that.

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Driven for Success: Bryce Cornet (Motorsports)

It’s now been almost ten years since I was first sidelined from racing, and during that time I’ve worked my way back, still intent on achieving my goal of being a professional driver.

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Can Withstand Anything That I Can

Ludovico is a businessman in the research industry with a love of luxury brands, a background in real estate, and a passion for basketball.

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“EVERKI is No Joke” - A Love Letter by Comedian Joel Byars

As a professional comedian and podcaster for almost 10 years, I have traveled around the world from Japan to France and even Birmingham (Alabama...not England).

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A Tech Professional That Spends 100+ Days a Year Working On-site

Matthew is a young tech professional bringing fresh ideas to a mature industry. He spends 100+ days a year working on-site with partners in New Jersey to negotiate on new products and push deadlines.

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I Couldn’t Imagine Traveling Any Other Way

 A globe-trotting interior designer with an absolute zest for journeying to far-flung places.

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What's in My Bag

I'm a road warrior, 240+ nights on the road in 2018 and 122 nights so far in 2019.

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All Packed and Set to Go Every Two Months

Travel is one of the secrets to a long, happy relationship.

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Road Warrior Strong

Ready to take on the road, their careers, and their health one trip at a time.

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I Needed Some Serious Help to Get Organized

One day, I woke up super early and decided that I wanted to make a change. I wanted to reach out in pursuit of something better.

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What to Do When Your Travel Plans Go Wrong

At some point, "Travel Karma" will strike. It's not if it strikes, but when it strikes.

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