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How To Clean Laptop Backpacks And Laptop Bags

In this video we are going to give you simple tips on how to clean your laptop backpack or bag.

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Traveling the World, One Photo at a Time

Embracing change can transform the life of a creative, which is exactly how Trevor Rogers fell into the world of photography.

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From Office to Overhead: There's an EVERKI Bag for Everyone

Greg is a businessman in the printing industry and spends more than 100 days away from his home in Sydney Australia each year to attend industry trade shows, conferences, and other events.

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Living Life in Style

I plan on making travel an even bigger part of my career in the future, because it really does provide an endless amount of inspiration when it comes to living a stylish life.

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Golfing on the Wild Side

A professional sporting career goes hand-in-hand with travel, especially when you’re a golfer.

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Cross-cultural Style That Stays Comfortable While Looking Good

I call myself The Afro Gent and I’m a father, fashionista and blogger, in addition to working with a non-profit organization. I was born in....

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The Pursuit of a Passion

Content creators require a never-ending stream of inspiration, and this is something that Sterling Galli finds through travel.

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Another Tick on the Bucket List

A self-confessed travel addict, Marta Szajek has currently ticked 32 countries off her bucket list, but still has several more to go.

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Can EVERKI Keep Up with Dangerous Dave?

I am a passionate gamer and lover of all thing’s tech since the days of 8-Bit consoles. I have covered gaming and technology events across the world from E3 to Computex.

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May It Please the Court

The best analogy someone could give you regarding life as a law student is that it’s like trying to drink from a fire hydrant. Hundreds of pages to read each week, notes, outlines, memos.... 

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Touring the World

As a Sound Engineer, I'm traveling 220+ days a year, and I wouldn't change it for the world. I can honestly say that I am living my dream, and not many people can say that.

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Driven for Success: Bryce Cornet (Motorsports)

It’s now been almost ten years since I was first sidelined from racing, and during that time I’ve worked my way back, still intent on achieving my goal of being a professional driver.

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