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    Model EKS661-PARENT
    Bag Weight kgs
    This item is exclusively available through the EVERKI online store.
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    1. 100%
      Simply outstanding design and materials !!



      Absolutely brilliantly designed messenger bag. Highly recommended. I'm using the bag to carry a Lenovo C740 and IPad AIR Gen 3. Carries all flawlessly including accessories with room to spare. Super attractive and functional. Would call it perfect except for one thing. The adjustment on the strap is only on one side thus bringing the plastic adjustment mechanism up in way that interferes with the shoulder padding. I would gladly pay more for the adjustment to be on both sides of the bag which would allow for different body sizes and uses. I sling cross shoulder and over shoulder so this flexibility regarding adjustments would greatly help. ..make the bag perfect.

      Great products by a great company !!!
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