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Wheeled Laptop Backpack, 13-Inch to 17.3-Inch Adaptable Compartment (EKP122)
Offering you the functionality and intuitive design you’ve come to expect from an Everki backpack, with the traveling ease of a wheeled trolley. Now your mobile office will be completely organized, accessible and easy to maneuver.
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As a mobile professional, you require versatility. So we crafted the Atlas Wheeled Backpack with flexible 
functionality. You can quickly wheel its sleek profile through the airport, or if needed, comfortably carry 
the Atlas as a backpack with our well-padded and extra wide straps. Got a lot of bags? Simply slip the Atlas
onto another trolley handle with the discreet pass-through strap. Carrying a large laptop? Our innovative 
laptop pocket adjusts to snugly secure a 17.3” laptop or a slim 13” Ultrabook. If you’re not carrying a 
laptop this trip, take out the laptop pocket to make room in the main compartment for additional garments
or gear. Taking only your tablet instead? Slip it into the super-soft felt lined tablet pocket.
The Atlas – adapts to fit your diverse lifestyle.
The Atlas – Everki’s wheeled backpack. A backpack that offers flexibility as well as thoughtful functionality. 
Pack your mobile office in the Atlas, or use it on a weekend getaway. There’s lots of room in the spacious 
main compartment, an RFID protected pocket, a removable and adjustable laptop pocket and a quick-access 
pocket for your phone on the top of the bag. In the front you’ll find see-through mesh pockets, slots 
for pens and peripherals, and a designated hook for your keys. A space for your tablet, water bottle, 
wallet and magazines are all intuitively placed in the Atlas. And all of these features are handsomely 
accented by our high contrast orange interior. The Atlas. Versatility on wheels.
Laptops come in many sizes. That’s why we designed the innovative laptop pocket to fit a wide variety of laptops. Our fully
padded laptop pocket adapts to snugly secure a slim 13” Ultrabook or a large 17.3” rugged laptop; or you can remove it
completely for even more space in the main compartment. Customize the size of the pocket from the bottom and both
sides, and use the Velcro strap to secure your device from the top. Carrying your tablet also? The Atlas has a place for that
as well. The easy access iPad/Kindle/ tablet pocket is lined with super-soft felt to protect from nicks and scratches. 
Most contemporary passports, credit cards and smart cards come equipped with an RFID micro-chip. 
Carrying them may make you vulnerable to illegal remote scans of the personal information stored on them. 
Identity theft is a serious concern. So we designed the Atlas to protect the sensitive data on your passport and 
credit cards with an RFID-protected pocket. Simply slip your passport, credit cards or other forms of identification 
into the secure pocket, and your personal and banking information are safe from illegal RFID scans. 
We’ve engineered the Atlas with sturdy, large wheels that are inset into the bag for a smooth, quiet ride
through the airport or into the office.  When you can’t roll your bag, use the extra-wide, padded straps to
carry the Atlas as a backpack.  The weight distributing chest strap balances the load front to back, and 
the straps won’t dig into your shoulders when the pack is loaded.  The backpack straps are neatly 
zipped away in the back flap when they’re not in use, and the same flap covers the wheels and protects your 
clothes when you’re carrying it as a backpack. Discreet, quiet comfort. 
When you’re traveling with many bags, the trolley handle pass-
through on the back of the Atlas allows you to double your efforts. 
Simply compress the telescoping trolley handle and slip the Atlas
onto the handle of your roller luggage. 
When inclement weather or rough terrain require you to
carry the Atlas as a backpack, don’t worry. Unzip the flap
that conceals the backpack straps, tuck it under the bag
and secure it to the Velcro closure to cover the wheels. No 
dirt, dust or marks on your clothing. 
All Everki interiors are stylish, high-contrast 
orange because we know how frustrating it is 
to mistakenly leave a compartment unzipped, 
and how difficult it is to organize against a 
black background. Savvy and Stylish.

Have you ever broken a zipper on your favorite bag? 
We have. That’s why we designed the Atlas using 
durable zippers and metal pulls. So your favorite bag 
can remain your favorite bag.
Everki makes products of value because we value our 
relationships. Every product Everki makes comes with 
our Limited Lifetime Warranty which covers manufacturing 
defects over the entire life of the product. 
Everki. We give you peace of mind.
Model EKP122
UPC code 874933002352
Fits laptops up to 17.3 in (43,94 cm)
Laptop compartment 11.00 x 1.50 x 16.50 in (28 x 3.81 x 41.9 cm)
External dimensions 15.74 x 7.99 x 21.26 in (40 x 20.3 x 54 cm)
Bag weight 6.72 lbs (3.05 kg)
Capacity 30 L
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty
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The Atlas wheeled is a truly Great Bag. I had the most ginormous wheeled leather laptop briefcase made by CompuCase from about 2003 or so. It's been all over the country and has seen a lot of day use for the last 13 years. Rather than spend a lot of $ fixing the odds and ends it needs (again), I splurged and dove into modern tech with the Atlas wheeled laptop. I migrated all of my stuff over from the old briefcase and am still amazed that the Atlas had a place for everything. I've looked at other laptop briefcases but they just didn't have enough individual areas to store the items I need to tote around with me day to day.

The Atlas is made very well (any back that has a serial # to register HAS to have something going for it. right? Great storage, very well built. It is not cheap, but it also far surpasses my expectations, so is a great value for the investment. I'm looking forward very much to travelling with it. Fully loaded to the gills it will still easily slip into an overhead compartment of even the small regional jets. Nice job Everki and thanks!!
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By Cyril S. from United States
Has proven to be the ideal bag for my punishing international business travel. It is strong enough to carry my two computers and personal gear everywhere, it is small enough to be the perfect carry-on, it is elegant enough for client encounters, and even tough enough to check when necessary. The ballistic nylon is as thick as any bag I have ever seen, and the lining is bright and generous. The zippers are beefy and smooth. Its big soft wheels roll beautifully through airports and streets, and when I come to cobblestones or gravel it converts quickly to a comfortable backpack with elegant protection for my clothes from its potentially dirty wheels. Lovely design. I have gone through several bags before settling on this one for the last two years of global travel. The only issue I have had is a minor one: when rolling, the bag can pirouette out of control if one gets a little cavalier with speed and turns. Just needs the wheels set a little wider, I think. The price is high, yes, but the lifetime warranty is real. When a defect with the extension handle emerged, Everki replaced my bag.
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By Lauren B. from Canada
I recently purchased the Everki Atlas rolling backpack (EKP122). I have taken nearly 1,000 business trips over the last 25 years, so I have gone through many rolling laptop bags and backpacks.The Atlas rolling backpack is well made with durable and attractive materials. The zippers, wheels, and telescoping handle are all high quality. Functionally, I immediately noticed the massive storage. There is ample room for a large (17") laptop, plus a tablet. Below the laptop compartment, there is room for an Eagle Creek tri-fold garment folder (Medium), which can hold 1-2 days of clothes. On each side there is room for an AC power adapter and cord, a water bottle, or both. On the front, there is plenty of room for writing pads, folders, paper, pens, markers, and a useful clip for keys. There is also an RFID protected pocket. On the back, there is a loop which allows the backpack to slip over the handle of a larger rolling bag. The wheels roll smoothly and quietly. A zippered pocket on the back conceals the backpack straps. The folks at Everki thought of everything. Needless to say the ultimate rolling backpack doesn't come cheap. In my opinion, the Atlas EKP122 backpack outshines all others, including luxury branded backpacks which have only half the features at an even higher price-point. Finally, a well made rolling backpack made by folks who truly understand business travel needs. Bravo!
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By David M. from United States
I bought this bag for my office trips. Top things i like:
1. The small pocket on top where before airport security checkin, i can keep my wallet, phone and other imp things. So easy to put in a take bag.
2. The side pouches to keep water bottle.
3. The pocket in the front to slide in magazines, and other reading material for easy access.
4. Build Quality (top build quality). I have taken it on my travel trips and rolled it over cobbled stones and airports, and no problem. It is well made.
5. Ample space for keeping my office things (Laptop, powersupply, ear buds...) files and samsung tab and notebooks.
Some things that i will watch carefully:
The handle of the bag sometimes didnt open up at the airport. I had to try a few times to extend it and finally it did. It only happened once, and i am wondering if i was a bit hasty at the airport. Will look out regarding that carefully.

Recently, i had a fault with the bag, nothing major. I wrote to Everki, in the hope that they would suggest a repair. I was blown away, with their professionalism in handling the issue. After sending them proofs, they asked me to donate the bag to a charity organization and sent me a replacement bag promptly. The customer service was top notch and i am truly touched by it.

Everki Atlas EKP 122 with wheels is my go to bag for all my office travels now. I will defenitely be continuing to use it for my office travels. Thanks Everki for a thoughtful bag you have made and for standing by for the quality.

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By Zachariah P. from Australia
October 2017 Update: Everki's warranty and customer support are simply fabulous.

A small flaw in my bag, barely noticeable at first, slowly grew into a visible fabric tear in my Everki Atlas. After three years of hard use, I finally sent a picture of the tear to Everki who responded immediately, and who have just replaced the entire bag.

Everki stands behind its products in a way far beyond what we expect. Their lifetime warranty is, indeed, a lifetime warranty. Impressed and delighted I am.

[original 2014 review - still true]
What a well made, handy, superbly designed backpack. I am delighted.
This pack holds my laptop, my tablet, a bunch of chargers and cables, office files about 2 inches thick, pencils and pens, sunglasses (and more), basic personal stuff like keys, wallet, ID card, hair brush. And more.

I have moved from a (wonderful, rolling) briefcase to this because of my travel. I can now run with several day's worth of files and my entire portable office, take it on a plane, put on the car seat next to me, carry it by the handle, put it over a shoulder, carry as a back pack, or set it on the table. It's easy to get stuff out of on a plane or train. I haven't figured out uses for all of the pockets, yet. But there's still time.
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By Thor J. from United States
Love the space in this bag! Quality engineered. Only complaint is with handle. Sticks on first articulation.... very frustrating. Hope Everki figures this one out. I have multiple Everki products, which I love, but would reconsider other options for wheeled backpacks. This was a Fathers Day present that I was looking forward to. Spend about 200 day a year on road, but concerned with this deign.
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By Scott M. from United States
The bag is absolutely amazing from made and details, both option wheel and backpack, and even can still on travelling back for one carry

But have one issue, it will not fit 17.3 laptop properly, I have Alienware New 17.3, it’s fit in the bag but very difficult and it’s not easy at all to take it out or even put it especially if you are traveling as there is multiple checkpoints

And if the decide to put the laptop anyway you can clearly see the edges of the laptop reshaping the bag exterior
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By Nareg D. from United States
Remarkable this product is not reviewed. It is NOT the Dream bag I had hoped for. It is a well constructed bag, and with a computer on board it is not lightweight at all. I keep my daily life necessities in this bag - I am an event producer in NYC and commute, often daily, but also must carry alt. clothing etc. I can do this with great planning in this bag, but At just under 6' tall, despite communication with the mfg while purchasing, this bag handle is insufficient for anyone 6' +. The heel kick I experienced in first 14 days was remedied by a 3rd pty luggage handle I found on Amazon.

I like the product though. And the customer service when my first bag arrived with a damaged zipper was exemplary. But the bag on wheels is imbalenced with an admittedly heavy load and the bottom corners are starting to show ill effects of an admittedly rugged NYC commuter's demands. I plan on ordering a shoulder Messenger bag though, as the outer fabric is durable and so far waterproof in my use.

But the tow handle is an issue Everki MUST address. I was initially told by a 6'3" customer service rep that I would find the handle long enough to eliminate "heel kick" as he had field tested this bag himself. He must have arms that reach below his knees The handle is 6" too short for my very normal 6' frame. The luggage handle I employ is not perfect and as a result, the bag frequently "spins" and goes off axis and drags on the sidewalk. Daily. So that's a drag.

The interior of the bag is ingenious and wonderfully laid out in general, but a bit tight in the front compartments. I would buy this bag again if Everki made some very basic improvements to it's versatility.
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By Marc S. from United States
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