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Premium Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack, up to 14.1"/MacBook Pro 15 (EKP127)
The Versa – Classically tailored structure.
The clean lines and classic styling of the Versa make it the perfect solution for the mobile professional who wants the tailored look of a briefcase, and the organizational performance of a backpack. The intuitive design – both inside and out – offers the functionality you need; while the subtle styling, structured profile and dangle-free straps won’t leave you hanging.
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When you want the professional, classic style of a briefcase, but prefer the comfort and organizational 
capabilities of a backpack, choose the Versa. EVERKI’s Versa backpack is the perfect marriage of subtle 
style and extreme organization. The high-quality ballistic nylon is enhanced with black on black premium 
leather accents and top leather handles which allow you to carry the backpack as you would a briefcase, 
and the straps can be secured for a dangle-free look. The clean lines and sleek profile of the backpack 
hold its shape perfectly with structured and padded sidewalls that won’t fall flat when you set the bag 
down. The backpack is designed so you can remain structured and organized when you travel or walk into 
a business meeting. The Versa – classic style, contemporary features. 
The Versa backpack has all the organizational features you’ve come to expect from an EVERKI bag. With a 
separate technology compartment for storing up to a 14.1-inch laptop and 13-inch tablet as well as 
pockets for your phone, power cords and power bank, the Versa is engineered with organizational structure. 
In front, you’ll find a quick-access magnetic pocket and a zippered compartment for business essentials, 
and on top, the hard-shell sunglasses case. The main compartment is large enough for a light jacket, and 
has a separate file divider to keep important papers neat. You’ll never be left hanging with our shoulder 
strap system that secures neatly with no dangling. The back of the backpack has a padded and breathable 
back panel and a trolley handle pass-through for convenience. The Versa – all this and it still fits 
neatly under your seat during flight. 
Airport security can be a hassle, so we designed the Versa with our hassle-free 180 degree fold-out 
design. The Checkpoint Friendly laptop design allows you to breeze through airport security without 
removing your device from its pocket. Simply open the Versa up 180 degrees, lay it flat, and your bag will 
quickly pass through the scanner. Should you need to remove your laptop, you can take it out and replace 
it without rummaging through your backpack or removing other contents. And on the plane, it’s designed 
to fit in the cabin above and in most cases, under the seat. It’s that friendly.
Are your sunglasses or reading glasses a traveling necessity? Then you definitely want them protected 
inside your bag. EVERKI’s unique hard-shell sunglasses case was designed specifically with this in mind.  
There is plenty of space in the built-in hard case for your sunglasses or reading glasses, as well as an 
additional nylon tuck-away for your phone or ear buds.  And because it’s positioned on the top of the bag, 
you won’t have to fumble around looking for them when you need them.  Your glasses are safe, secure and 
right at your fingertips.
When you travel with your backpack as your mobile office, your laptop has to be securely protected.  That’s 
why we’ve engineered the Versa with extra padding in the lining of the laptop pocket and molded-to-fit 
laptop corner guards. Our patented corner-guard protection system uses form-fitting corners to wrap 
snugly around the bottom of your laptop pocket, to protect against knocks and bumps – or if you 
accidentally set your bag down too abruptly. The shock-absorbing system of the Versa will give you peace 
of mind, knowing your laptop is safe inside your bag.
To nicely round out the classic styling, we used 
premium leather accents on the black on black 
Versa which are subtle, yet striking. Professional 
enough to take the place of your briefcase, practical 
enough for a business flight.  Classic, subtle, sleek. 
When traveling with many bags, the trolley 
handle pass-through on the back of the 
Versa allows you to double your efforts. 
Simply slip the Versa onto the handle of 
your luggage and you’re ready to wheel 
through the airport.
Sometimes the situation calls for a more 
serious look. You can carry the Versa like a 
briefcase with its sturdy leather handles on 
the top of the bag and the shoulder straps 
tucked neatly into the back flap, so there’s 
no dangling – anywhere.
All EVERKI interiors are stylish, high-contrast 
orange because we know how frustrating it is to 
mistakenly leave a compartment unzipped, and 
how difficult it is to organize against a black 
background. Savvy and Stylish.
EVERKI makes products of value because we value our 
relationships. Every product EVERKI makes comes with 
our Limited Lifetime Warranty which covers manufacturing 
defects over the entire life of the product. 
EVERKI. We give you peace of mind. 
Model EKP127
UPC code 874933002123
Fits laptops up to MacBook Pro 15/14.1in (35,81cm)
Laptop compartment 10.04 x 1.50 x 14.3 in (25.5 x 3.8 x 36.4 cm)
External dimensions 12.99 x 7.87 x 16.93 in (33 x 20 x 43 cm)
Capacity 21.5 L
Bag weight 4.01 lbs (1.82 kg)
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty
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I just purchased my second Versa EKP127. My first Versa traveled with me over 250,000 miles. Reliable, comfortable, and durable.
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By Phillip W. from United States
The bag itself is a marriage of subtle style and impressive function. It has a sleek, premium feel of its exterior and upon scrutiny of its interior, there are numerous multi-functional organizational pockets for whatever fitting item you may chose to bring; a favorite pocket that I am very fond of the bag is located at its most anterior featured with a magnetic closure for easy access of files such as . The size of the bag is somewhat small as I was expecting it to be slightly more spacious than it is - as I planned to bring a few books along with the laptop. However, the laptop felt lined enclosure fits appropriately to my Samsung np9004xd laptop which fulfills the fundamental reason why I purchased the bag. Another minor qualm about the bag is the difficulty in adjusting the straps while carrying it as you have to maneuver the bag in front of you to adjust the straps. Nevertheless, the bag itself is very well crafted and definitely worthy of a purchase and some will definitely be happy with having the bag for daily use.
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By Samir K. from United States
I had a Tumi Tech backpack and was looking for a new backpack because I had damaged my MacBook Pro after it had dropped from my suitcase since I had it perched there. Any backpack in which the laptop sits adjacent to the outside fabric is pr. This backpack meets all of the deficiencies which I was looking to correct in my Tumi backpack.
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By Keye W. from United States
This is my first computer back pack in many years. I've been using an Ogio messenger bag for years but wanted more support from a pack. I reviewed many online and was narrowed down to Everki, Versa and Concept because of checkpoint friendly first and sunglass vault second. I made the Versa decision based on reviews and cost.
My only issue is with the fit. I'm 6'-0" male who wears a 44 size coat. The bag strap system seems a bit small for me (even adjusted out) and I find it wants to slide off my shoulders especially when single strapping it. The straps are also slick and easily slide off certain jacket and shirt fabrics.
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By Rob M. from United States
I spent quite some time deciding whether I wanted to switch from using my Tumi briefcase to a backpack. I'm a big Tumi fan. I've noticed more and more the number of executives using a backpack. I wanted a backpack that was functional, executive looking and wasn't too big. I compared Travelpro's Crew 9, Tumi, Briggs and Riley, Eagle Creek and eBags, and other backpack brands at our local department stores. I then came across Everki. The reviews were great but I was still suspect on using a backpack. Well, I ordered the Everki Versa Premium and I'm very pleased. This backpack is awesome. There is more than enough space for my MacAir, documents, and notebooks, pens, charger/electronics, etc. The coolest thing about the backpack is the protected eyeglass and sunglasses holder. Somebody at Everki was thinking with that feature.

Also, a friend of mine was in the process of switching to a backpack. When he finished his research, he selected the same Everki Versa Premium on his own. Enough said, if you don't buy one, you'll be sorry.
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By Steve N. from United States
The Versa is the nicest backpack I have ever seen. I am a 15 year Tumi customer so when it comes to measuring a good travel product I feel i am a good judge. This backpack is flawless and constructed with the traveler in mind. You would be hard pressed to find a better bag than the Everki brand.
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By Alan A. from United States
I am a frequent business traveler and have been searching for the perfect backpack for a while. I thought I found it in the Everki Versa. I was totally wrong. While the pack itself seems great, the straps are NOT ADJUSTABLE to fit a normal-sized woman. Look at the photos of the straps and you will see that the bottom part of the strap cannot be made any smaller than it is. There is a full 7.5" of strap that cannot be adjusted down. This meant that the pack totally flopped off my back. This is on a 5'6" woman, hardly short. There should be a warning on the site that this pack is for tall people only. I have no idea why a company like Everki, who seems to pay so much attention to detail, would have such a big design oversight. If you are below ~5'10, DO NOT buy this bag. (I don't know if this is a standard design for Everki packs, if so, they really need to diversify their workforce a bit)
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By from United States
Acquired my Everki Versa EKP1 27 a number of months ago. First venture into a back-pack case. Had been using a vintage HP hand carry brief case for years. Absolutely love the Versa. Still carry using the hand grips (habit!!) but now have an option to tote as a backpack should the occasion occur. Tons of space. Carry a 14" laptop (Dell Latitude E7450), iPad, plus a ton of other accessories. Still plenty of room were additional space needed. Not only is this bag practical but is smart looking. Great purchase. Quality product. Highly recommend.
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By Bruce B. from United States
This is a great bag! I used it to replace a Tumi backpack when I upgraded to a 15" Macbook Pro, and could not have made a better choice. This bag holds the Macbook, an iPad, chargers, magazines and notebooks with room left over for a shirt and other overnight travel items.
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By Douglas D. from United States
I've been using the versa for over a year. I fly nearly every week and needed a sturdy, well designed backpack. The versa is in fact well made. It has handled being stuffed the the brim with two laptops, iPad, presentation decks, cables and my pull over fleece jacket. It looks like new even after one year.

It has one major design flaw - The straps lack any real adjustment. I'm 5'11 190 lb. It's impossible to adjust the straps when using a winter coat. I've had to buy carabiners from REI to attach to the bottom of the straps to allow for the bulk of my winder coat. Its a shame Everki overlooked this basic requirement.
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By Robert C. from United States
I purchased the Versa Premium backpack. First time I spent that much on a backpack, but I am in the business world now, so I wanted something nice. And I am still to young to do a wheeled bag, and a briefcase is just against my moral fiber. I love the bag so far. I have had it for a little over a month. The only thing I would change is to make the front zippered pocket that has the organizer in it, it would have been better to let that thing fall open instead of putting the restriction on it. Other than that, I love it. It took me a month to pick this bag out, and in fact I picked the flight backpack out. It was shipped to me and the thing was just to big. I didn't feel that it would represent me like I wanted to be represented when I walked into a business meeting with it over my shoulder. Its a nice backpack, but its big. It would be better suited for travel.

I let customer service know how I felt, they let me return it, I had to pay shipping (not a big deal), and they sent me there Versa, and all is well. It is formed in the middle so its like carrying a small filing cabinet. I just ask that next model make the front zippered pocket be able to fall all the way down and don't put the material in there that restricts it.
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By Jack B. from United States
- I like that the bag is very structurally sound, keeping its shape and free-standing.
- Heavy padding will definitely protect the laptop/tablet. It almost feels too heavy, as it does add weight.
- Materials are top notch. It got rained on a bit today and repelled water well. Very well put together and nice strong fabric.
- Orange interior provides great contrast, and looks cool too.
- Usable pockets and compartments, which I like. Middle compartment for files and things is surprisingly roomy. I like the magnetic front pocket (great for stowing receipts and my phone when going through airport security), and the extra zippered pouch in front is great for my work badges.
- Hard shell "glasses" compartment is a nice feature; good for (sun)glasses, or other odds and ends. I put mobile hotspot and a couple granola bars in there.
- Luggage handle pass-through is a nice feature not often found on backpacks.
- It is aesthetically pleasing. The leather accent on front is classy and it looks professional.

- A bit on the heavy side. Much of it is due to the heavy padding and thick fabric, so it's a tradeoff, but any way to make it lighter without compromising the safety features would be appreciated. If you have trouble lifting things, this may not be the bag for you.
- Flat leather grip handles are not as comfortable as round handles.
- Glasses compartment is pretty deep, which is good, but it does restrict room in the middle compartment somewhat. No way you'll fit a legal-sized document without folding it. Letter sized accordian file barely fits.
- Straps or just ok. They sit a bit wide on my shoulders, so could be an issue if you have particularly narrow shoulders. Also, the straps are long. In order to get to a comfortable length for me, I had to adjust the straps at the top of the, uh, shoulder straps. The drawback to this is that the shoulder strap "scrunches" up a bit. The pull tabs also have a tendency to stick up a
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By Andrew P. from United States
I was planning to buy a Tumi Alpha backpack when I discovered the Everki Versa premium checkpoint friendly business backpack. I liked the more tailored look of the Everki pack for my business needs. It was also less than half the price!

I just received the backpack this week, and I am very impressed with the quality of the backpack, and it looks better than the website pictures. All my stuff fit in the many pockets and I am looking forward to putting it to the test. I travel every week so the TSA easy scan option will be nice. I will let you know how it holds up in a few months.

CG in Mississippi
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By from United States
Almost perfect. This backpack is amazingly designed as fas as compartments and amazing durability. I love the hard shelled glasses case and the features. BUT! this backpack does not feel comfortable at all. it feels as if you're wearing a thick cardboard box on your back. very square with no cushing at all. No comfort on your shoulder or back. Every backpack ive owned has descent soft back with some kind of airflow or really squishy straps but not this one. straps feel very tiny and uncofortable. nevertheless, i dig the product. i travel quiet a bit and enjoy all the compartments.
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By Elijah S. from United States
I've been doing business travel since 1981, and have logged over one million miles dragging either a brief case (Halliburton in the 80's) to Targus backpacks through 2014. I finally retired my 4 Targus a few months ago. I then researched bags for about 2 months before selecting the Everki Versa. This is absolutely the best pack/bag I've ever owned. It has the quality of a Tumi, but with functionally of a Swiss Army Knife. I would recommend this bag to anyone who is looking for a high quality bag at reasonable price. Only suggestion I can make about the bag is it could have a bit more padding in the shoulder straps. Bottom line: Buy it.
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By Eric K. from United States
I've used a traditional briefcase for years, so was a little undecided on this change. Prior to the Versa, I've had Tumi ballistic nylon briefcases for 10-15 years. As I travel a lot, it was important that the backpack have a passthrough for a suitcase handle which limited the choice to the Versa or Atlas backpacks (I think). After reading a comment that the Versa fit easily under an airliner seat, I choose to purchase this backpack. When it arrived I initially thought it would be too small, but after transferring everything from the old briefcase to the Versa, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it all fit with a lot of room to spare. I really like the sleek look and feel of the material vs a more casual type. As other reviews have mentioned, I don't understand the theory behind the design of the front flap which houses the quick access document pouch, but, I don't have a problem using the zipper on the compartment behind it as some claimed. The sunglasses compartment is very handy and is definitely a plus. I would prefer more organization pouches, but have been able to store things sufficiently. I would suggest to Everki, to reposition the key holder to the one of the main compartments, but that is an insignificant issue. My laptop is a 14.1" unit (15" Macbook Pro) and it fits perfectly. The iPad compartment works very well.
So, my overall impression is this is a great backpack, made of quality material and well designed. Also, I find it is much more convenient than a briefcase type computer bag. The material seems like it will wear well and maintain it's great looks. The storage compartments are sufficient and the magnetic document pouch is very convenient. Haven't had to use the TSA checkpoint feature, but I'm sure that's works well. It's comfortable as a backpack and I'm happy I opted for the smaller unit in that respect. Backpack fits well in a business context due to it's great looks. I love the orange highlights and interior. It's a real pleasure to
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By Kenneth P. from United States
I just got the Versa backpack and couldn't be happier. It was an upgrade to the Everki Flight which got ripped at the seams on one of the straps. I travel a lot internationally and needed a replacement ASAP. Hanz from customer service very promptly processed the warranty on the flight and gave me credit towards the Versa. It has been one of the best experiences I have had with customer service.
The new Versa is an awesome bag for my long trips to Asia, Europe and Australia- it feels and looks very sturdy and has space for my laptop, iPad, chargers, adapters, glasses, camera, folding umbrella, passport and other travel docs, medicines, earphones, headset, a change of clothes, foreign currency, flash drives, business cards etc. It's very compact and a breeze going through most airports' security. I highly recommend Everki for its products and customer service.
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By from United States
Had my Everki Versa for a few weeks now. Takes all my essentials for the daily commute to work in its stride. Just completed its first international trip with ease. Someone obviously put a lot of thought into the design of this bag and it's paid off. I initially baulked at the price, but the sheer functionality and sturdy construction of the bag means I now view it as an investment. Highly recommended.
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By colin h. from Singapore
This backpack is awesome and I was truly amazed with its build! I purchased this for my beautiful wife who is a CFO and has a bit of a commute to work plus she occasionally travels for business. This backpack meets her needs and definitely fits her style. It's also very well constructed and well worth every single penny and I love the lifetime warranty...can't beat that!!!
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By Mike A. from United States
Not a great bag. I've owned one for more than two years and find it to have too many structural issues. And too many doc dads. The Tumi bag, which I had prior, is far superior.
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By Terry P. from United States
Spectacular! I have been searching for the perfect solution for my frequent travels that would allow me to easily carry and find what I need at a moments notice on my frequent trips. Have now used it on two trips and it has been GREAT! Many Thanks Everki !

One small note - The TSA in USA and the CATSA in Canada still insist you remove your laptop from your bag at security even though the Versa Premium is Checkpoint Friendly. Travelling to Europe next hopefully they will be more enlightened to this type of bag.
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By Stephen R. from Canada
I didn't need a new backpack, but somehow stumbled across the website. I was carrying a Tumi backpack and while it was functional, it was a bit bulky and did not have a luggage slide in the back.

I'm beyond thrilled with the Versa Premium bag from Everki. I'm on 4-6 flights per week, in a suit and tie. I bounce from customer meetings to a corporate office and at no point has this backpack felt anything less than professional. When carried by the handle, it is firm enough to appear like a briefcase rather than a backpack.
The compartments are functional and right sized. Luggage slip on the back allows for easy, sturdy stacking on roller board luggage.

Best idea yet- protected sunglass/eyeglass compartment- perfect for my reading glasses! Great idea.

Worth every dollar.
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By Trevor L. from United States
I have been carrying the Versa for six months and travel 3-4 times a month, mostly overnights. It works great for me attached to my rolling bag. I very rarely use the shoulder straps so the fact that they are tucked in is a huge plus over over other backpacks. I like the space it offers, a flat bottom and high quality zippers. One thing I would welcome is a better strap for keys. The one in the water bottle area sometimes fails. A sure 4.75 out of 5.
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By Paul M. from United States
I recently purchased the Versa backpack. Several of the features I felt were necessary were the functionality of design, large zippers and well designed compart-ness. The business-style design is sleek. This bag easily compares in quality with the Tumi; at 40% of the price!!

An absolute necessity for me was the back sleeve for slipping over a roller bag handle (the Tumi had a sleeve but it was not wide enough for the handle on my roller bag). It's in this configuration I most commonly configure the setup, but the center-of-gravity is forward (or rearward?; toward the handle) to the roller's wheels and there is a bit of strain carrying the weight. Thus, for longer treks through the airport I slip the bag on a hook on the front of the roller bag; perfect balance. In this configuration, I appreciate the design of the shoulder straps; pulled up so the strap bottoms don't drag on the ground. Sweet!
I couldn't be happier with the decision to go with the Everki Versa.
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By Stephen B. from United States
I decided I needed to upgrade my current backpack for college (and occasional travel). One of my friends suggested the Everki brand as he was very pleased with his purchase (The Titan). I needed something that could accommodate my 15in Macbook Pro Retina as well as my books, binders, folders, and various bits and pieces. The Versa looked like a very promising prospect and upon arrival I was extremely excited to put it to use.

Functionally, the Versa is a fantastic bag with excellent build quality, superior materials, excellent layout, and use of interior space. Once I received the bag I immediately switched the items from my old bad to the Versa and excitedly anticipated the first day I would be able to utilize it's marvelous feature set. The bag worked well...

HOWEVER: There was a problem. The Versa boasts excellent comfort and ergonomics and even uses a 5 foot 7 male model in one of it's videos. I'm 5 foot 8 inches and weigh about 120lbs. I have a thin frame, but I'm about as average in height as most people which is why I was dismayed when I discovered that the straps lacked adequate adjustability to pull the bag closer, higher and tighter against my back. The bag sits uncomfortably low in a position that causes almost immediate discomfort and eventually pain (the bag could not have weighed more than 10-14lbs as I had it configured). At first I thought this was a typical psychosomatic manifestation of discomfort and buyer's remorse, but I continued to use the bag and the issue did not resolve itself. Ultimately the adjustment portions of the shoulder straps DO NOT have enough built-in length to adjust the bag to sit comfortably on my back. I feel like a torso strap might help, although, it would not alleviate the underlying issue. For $200 I thought I was purchasing excellent ergonomics and comfort as I expect it to be the primary focus of any high-end bag. If it wasn't for this issue, I would certainly have given this bag a VERY solid 4 to 5 stars (4.5 precisely).

CAUTION TO PROSPECTIVE BUYERS: if you have thin frame, avoid this bag, although it has adjustment in all the correct places, it lacks enough adjustability to be compliant with smaller and especially thinner users.

I believe the problem stems from the detachable clips that allow the shoulder straps to be stowed in pass-through compartment which limits adjustability to a mere few inches.
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By Stewart G. from United States
great lightweight backpack! comfortable and carries so much. I like that it fits over the luggage handles.
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By Liz S. from United States
Love this back pack. It is compact enough to not feel as though I am on an expedition, but large enough to house laptop, tablet, files and supplies. It has space for my Baggallini purse, to be tucked in neatly and still fit under the seat in front of me. it has a sharp appearance and orange lining is great and eye-catching. I get lots of positive comments and requests for brand and model info.

Criticisms: new company issued laptop is a tight fit, wish this bag was a bit taller to accept 16" laptop, and key hook is in outside water bottle pocket, too much chance that keys will be knocked loose this should be moved to front inside pocket; padded straps could be shorter to allow for more shortening of straps for shorter adults like me.

Just purchased the Atlas model for my husband who like the Versa but needed a taller bag, he wanted the hard shell eyeglass case but not available on that model, that would be a good add to that bag as well.
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By Marie H. from United States
Practically perfect in every way is the phrase that comes to mind when describing the Everki Versa Premium. I researched backpacks extensively and ended up ordering the Versa earlier this month (after returning a bag from another vendor that I thought would meet my needs but didn't.) I've used it locally for the last week but today got to travel with it. All I can say is that this is an incredibly well-thought out bag that also looks good, is compact, and is well made. Here's what stands out:

Everything has a place and is easy to get to: Separate felt lined pocket for iPhone and accessories. Hard shell space for glasses and sunglasses. Easy to get to felt-lined pockets (2) for laptop and for iPad/Kindle/tablet. Fold out, easy access compartment for files, books, papers, with pockets for laptop battery pack and other electronics. Easy to reach zipper mesh area for money, medicines, small items, passport - whatever you want to keep handy but don't want to lose in the bottom of a compartment. An outside pocket for pens, pencils, business cards, etc. Two side pockets for electronic cords, miscellaneous items and ample room for a water bottle provide a place for anything else you might want to carry. And, to top it off, an invisible pocket with a magnetic closure for itineraries, tickets, food bars or anything else that you want to easily reach without fumbling with a zipper. To make it all even easier, the orange interior means finding items is a piece of cake.

The clamshell Checkpoint Friendly design makes it super simple to get through the security line: No more extra bin and unloading and loading of the laptop and Kindle. Just pull the zippers to that compartment down, lay it out flat, and let it go - no problems. At the other end the two handles provide a quick way to pick it up without any chance of anything falling out and puts it into position to quickly close the zippers and walk off.

The construction is solid and well made: This is one of the only bags I found with ample protection at the bottom of the bag to protect my laptop. There are reinforced corners to keep the bottom of the laptop protected should it slip off of your shoulder or get set down a little too hard. The zippers are large and are easily opened and closed. The material is water repellent and thick. I can't imagine it ever ripping or getting soaked. The felt linings are a nice touch to keep your electronics shiny and scratch free. It fits easily and securely over a roller bag handle for those times when you don't want to carry it by the handle or on your back.

Looks good: If you don't like the looks of the shoulder straps you can simply fold them behind the sleeve that fits over the roller bag handle to keep them out of the way. The dimensions are more compact than the vast majority of school backpacks - so you don't look like you are lugging an extra suitcase around and the orange inside is a nice contrast to the all black exterior. The sides are sturdy so the bag stands up with you set it down and it holds its shape resulting in a more professional look.

This is a stellar bag but let's face it - it can't be perfect (only practically perfect.) Here's what I wish I could change: It is a heavier bag than most, clocking in at about 4 pounds when empty. No doubt this is from the heavier fabrics and materials used but it is noticeable - unless you are rolling it on top of your roller bag in which case it is a non-issue. The side pockets have zippers that seem like they could open up another inch or so at the top. I don't know why Everki didn't extend the zippers to the edge of the pocket. This would be a nice change as access would be a little easier. Fortunately, those pockets don't get used much. The key clip is a great idea but it should be moved to the other side pocket and the clip should be less tight. It is hard to put a key ring into the tight clip and the hanging keys take up too much space to use with a water bottle. This problem is solved by moving the water bottle to the other pocket (the elastic cord to secure the throat of the bottle isn't really needed.) I also ended up putting my keys in a handy little stretch pocket inside the hard shell sunglass pocket - this keeps them easily accessible and avoids any chance of them scratching the glasses. I'd also replace the flat leather handles with a rubberized handle that is more form fitting when cradled in your hand. That's it, that's all I can come up with in terms of drawbacks - nothing that really presents a problem for the typical business traveler.

I highly recommend this backpack.
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By Karl G. from United States
I just received my Versa (fast shipping takes 4 days to Australia) and I'm in love with it. Very good quality material and a nice attention to details. The minimalist look is great for a board meeting and have enough space for computer, iPad, gadgets and some clothes. Also the checkpoint friendly makes it easy and convenient.

I really recommend it!

My only wish was if they have the option to make it on leather!

Sydney Australia
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By Rudson M. from Australia
This backpack is outstanding, I've tried many brands of backpacks over the last few years as a regular domestic and international flyer. So far in Australia the checkpoint friendly feature has been allowed by security screening all but one time in Adelaide (where the security lady just didn't understand it). Pocket configuration and design works very well and is the perfect size for my 13 MacBook Pro Retina and iPad.

About 3 weeks from purchase the zip on the sunglasses pocket failed. I contacted the Everki team and have been blown away by the customer service. They advanced shipped me a new replacement and it was a totally seamless experience. Whilst not ideal the zip failing the response and acknowledgement to the problem was fantastic.

This is a great bag and Everki customer service makes it even better
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By Peter M. from Australia
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