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Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack, fits up to 18.4" (EKP120)
Your bag should meet your device’s expectations. Today’s high-end gaming and multimedia devices will feel well-represented, secure, and comfortable in this sharp, smartly-designed and spacious backpack.
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The Titan. This is where function meets form.  We’ve designed this backpack to be large enough to 
hold what you need, yet intuitive enough to find things where you expect them. Countless hours were 
spent designing, redesigning and testing the Titan to ensure the quality, versatility and style you’ve 
come to expect from an EVERKI bag.  Our passion for function and a relentless attention to detail makes 
the Titan a veritable powerhouse. You require large compartments and high functionality, but you don’t
 want to compromise on form. So the Titan is tailored to be spacious, yet stylish and sleek – with black
 exterior and high-contrast orange interior. We created the Titan to be just what you’re looking for. 
Yes, The Titan has lots of large compartments, but that’s not what makes it so innovative. We’ve 
designed intuitive spaces for smart organization, buckles and straps positioned for on-the-fly 
adjustments; and pockets, pouches and slots for fingertip access. 

The extra large laptop compartment is roomy enough for the most behemoth 18.4” laptop. In the main 
storage area, you’ll find large, divided spaces which allow you to keep chargers and power supplies 
separate from fragile files and documents. The felt-lined tablet pocket safely secures your iPad or Kindle, 
while the front compartment allows you to store business cards, pens, calculators or peripherals. And 
the soft, scratch free, lined portable media player pocket with cable outlet is positioned right at shoulder
level to give you enough length in your cord for comfortable, slack free use. 
Airport security can be a big hassle, so we designed the Titan with our hassle-free 180 degree fold-out design.   The Checkpoint 
Friendly laptop compartment allows you to breeze through airport security without removing your device from its compartment. 
Simply open the Titan up 180 degrees, lay it flat, and your bag will quickly pass through the scanner. Should you need to 
remove your laptop, you can take it out and replace it without rummaging through your backpack or removing other contents. 
Take the Titan on the plane with you. It’s designed to fit in the cabin above and in most cases, under the seat. It’s that friendly. 
When your backpack is fully loaded it can get heavy, so we engineered a 5-point balance strap system to ergonomically 
distribute the weight and reduce muscle strain. With pillow-soft straps adjustable at the shoulders, 2 quick-slide straps at the
bottom and one across the chest; you have total control over weight distribution. This allows you balanced comfort, even 
when your backpack is full. The Titan’s ergonomically designed carry system also boasts a padded back panel, mesh 
padding and deep airflow channels to provide maximum air circulation for breathability. The Titan: cool comfort, total control.
Your equipment is valuable, so we added multiple layers of padded protection, a security strap to keep your device
in place, and super soft felt that ensures your laptop is secure and safe – even when traveling. The interior of the 
tablet pocket is also felt-lined and properly sized for an iPad, Kindle or other tablet to minimize damage caused by 
slipping and sliding.  The Titan also comes with a water-resistant weather cover to protect your gear from the 
elements. The large metal zippers come with lock holes to keep your contents safe. Don’t worry, you’re covered. 
You don’t want your power brick to get in the way or become a 
tangled mess. That’s why we designed the Accessories Pouch to 
separate your mouse, chargers, power supplies and cables from
your more sensitive items.
All EVERKI interiors are stylish, high-contrast
orange because we know how frustrating it is 
to mistakenly leave a compartment unzipped, 
and how difficult it is to organize against a 
black background. Savvy and Stylish.

Have you ever broken a zipper on your favorite bag? 
We have. That’s why we designed the Titan using heavy 
duty metal zippers with extra large pulls.  So your 
favorite backpack can remain your favorite backpack.
HCables tangled around your backpack straps? No more. 
The Titan comes equipped with a media-player compart-
ment at shoulder level – and it’s designed so you can keep 
your cables at just the perfect length.
EVERKI makes products of value because we value our 
relationships. Every product EVERKI makes comes with 
our Limited Lifetime Warranty which covers manufacturing 
defects over the entire life of the product. 
EVERKI. We give you peace of mind.
Model EKP120
UPC code 874933002062
Fits laptops up to 18.4 in (46,74 cm)
Laptop compartment 12.99 x 1.97 x 20.47 in (33 x 5 x 52 cm)
External dimensions 14.96 x 8.27 x 21.26 in (38 x 21 x 54 cm)
Capacity 40 L
Bag weight 4.42 lbs ( 2,01 kg)
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty
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Awesome bag! What can I say? This is, hands down, one of the best - if not THE best laptop bag I've ever had.

My initial trouble was that I couldn't find a bag that would fit my MSI GT72 Dominator Pro (it's hella huge!) and the bag that came with it though pretty cool as well, didn't quite meet my expectations. It was too "flair-y" without delivering exactly what I needed.

The Titan has delivered over and beyond my expectations. It carries all of my swag in its structured interior, and in most cases with more than enough space to fit in other things that i normally wouldn't be able to lug around.

I'm liking the way it's designed so much that I decided to buy a sleeve (the 18.4" commute!) to add to the roster just in case I needed to lug around more of my gear.

All in all, I'm very happy with my purchase and looks like I'm going to be using this bag for a very long time.

Awesome job Everki! You guys rock! \m/
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By Jean-Marcel Quincy Gonzales from Hong Kong
I travel with a 17 HP Elitebook Mobile Workstation and they are quite large. I also travel with tons of cables, a tablet, pens, manila folder full of papers, business cards, external hard drives, etc. Trying to find a high quality backpack that can handle that was almost impossible - until I found the Everki Titan! This thing is perfect. It's roomy and has tons of pockets. I can easily stash my boarding pass and a book and retrieve them quickly. I trust my hardware will be safe and most of all, it's very comfortable. As you can imagine with this much gear that the backpack is going to be heavy, but the Titan distributes that weight across my back and shoulders and allows me to travel with no compromises. Thank you Everki!
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By Colin S. from Canada
Hi folks,

Super shout-out to Andrea @ Everki Taipei, Thank you so much!

What an amazing backpack the Titian is. Having already own the Atlas this is an amazing upgrade for me on the 'Go' as a live sound engineer on site and on Sunday's running FOH for church. To be able to carry the stuff I need and getting to the venue safely with my gadgets is top priority.

Love the orange color still, and the zips plus its durability is what really sells and captures my attention.

I love the spacing that it provides and the flexibility that it leaves me to choose how I want to pack and fill it up with my equipment. The Titian keeps me creative as I have my essentials tools to help troubleshoot on a live show or power-banks/cables to keep my equipment charged up.

It is able to hold my Macbook Pro and iPad and it's chargers with ease, and my connectors from small USB drives to two medium size books, audio interfaces, cue sheet clip chart, my basic tool kit, keys, flashlights, ...etc

Best of all when my co-worker say how big the bag was and was concerned, I told her that i don't even feel the weight of the backpack as the weight is distributed evenly when carried! Awesome right?

I am expecting to get a lot out of the Titian when traveling for holiday or work on planes, trains, cars. I am expecting the Titian to survive/endure like my Everki Atlas the similar ruggedness i put it through and still able to pack a whole lot into it.

Having used Everki-Atlas for over 2 years, I'll tell you the Titian is going to be awesome and is not going to disappoint me no matter what other backpacks are marketed on other backpack websites.

Everki is still on my top list and I personally preferred traveling with Everki.

GREAT JOB Everki, and thank you once again.


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By Francis L. from Taiwan
Lots of room, even was able to fit my purse in it! It is heavy, even when empty. The chest strap is my biggest complaint - had to return as the chest strap does not slide up the shoulder straps enough to fit properly on a woman, rendering it useless. This was definitely designed for a man.
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By Kayla E. from United States
Been using my Everki Titan for over a year now and love it. It holds an insane amount of stuff including my Alienware 17R4 and adapter/hard drivers/ cables/ tablets / Raspberry Pi / Controllers etc...all at once.

I also use this bag to transport my laptop to and from work on my motorcycle and it works amazingly well.

I unfortunately broke one of the clips and Everki offered to just replace the bag! Even though I just wanted to buy a new clip and fix the bag I had.

Amazing customer service even when it was clearly my fault the clip broke.

Highly HIGHLY recommend this bag to anyone looking for a large laptop bag.

I bought this bag because of a friends experience with Everki and I will be recommending them to everyone I know as well. Everki has a customer for life in me.

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By Joe D. from Canada
After many years of service, my old laptop backtop needed replacement. Affter shopping around, I selected the Titan because of 1) size, 2) features, and 3) excellent reviews.
As a business traveler, I need a bag that carries all my equipment (laptop, tablet, 2 cell phones, documents, chargers, and the list just keeps growing), and can handle traveling around the world without letting me down with broken straps, stuck zippers, torn compartments and letting damage happen to my equipment..
I had this bag for just over 1 week and it has already gone with me on 2 trips without the slightest problem. I frequently use this as a sling bag running through airports and it is comfortable and well balanced with slipping or sliding off my shoulder. Plus even with all my equipment in the bag, It fits well into even regional jet overhead bins.
I guess I could have found a more expensive bag, but not with any more features or better construction. Glad I found this bag and will certainly give it high marks and my full recommendation
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By Jef G. from United States
I encourage everyone to get The Titan if you need to carry of lot of stuff while traveling. You'll probably need some strength but you won't regret it though! I've been carrying it for more than 2 years so far ..I only had one little prob.. The front buckle on the strap broke but nothing major
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By Mathieu G. from Reunion
I have a Dell Alienware 18.4 laptop. This is a very heavy machine. When I purchased the laptop last fall - I got the Alienware backpack to go with it. I figured that would be fine. I was rather surprised when the straps started to rip the first time I used it. I tried it further on two other trips - and there are actual holes in the shoulder strap area.
So - what does this have to do with Everki... Well - I did some research and found this company online. I was able to see and purchase locally at a reseller - and I have never been happier.
When it first arrived I thought it felt somewhat flimsy. It was a lot lighter than the other back packs that I have used - and my first impression was that it would not hold up. However, I have had it on two trips - and not only does it hold up - it is comfortable to wear.
I saw the video online - and my first thought was that you could not possibly stuff that much into a backpack and not have it rip. However, I now carry my huge laptop, the power brick, a 11.6 tablet and keyboard, various other gadgets and the back pack just keeps taking it.
It has a good amount of pouches, and place to put things. The side pouches are actually useful and I can fit everything I want into this thing.

So - if you are looking for a good quality back pack to haul your laptop around in - I would highly recommend this product and the company. I personally have been very impressed with the quality of the workmanship and how well it handles the weight I throw in it.
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By Bradley M. from Canada
I received my Titan yesterday. For me, putting more than 100 euros in a bag was psychologically hard :P
But i have no regret, the bag is great, it can contain my alienware M18X, the power brick, my graphic tablet and a lot of stuff i need to go out or to go to university. the quality seems very good, I did'nt have time to test it very well but if there's a lifetime guarantee i think that's because the bag is strong :D
So if someone I know will be looking for a computer bag, i'll tell him to buy Everki.

Another great point, is that in France, Everki is not weel known, so people won't know i carry an expensive computer in my bag, that is a problem when you are using a Alienware or Asus gamer bag.

So conclusion : G R E A T !
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By Manon M. from France
Just received my Titan today - Beautifully constructed, stylish, roomy - and one of the few bags that fits ASUS G750 laptops. I like carrying around way too much stuff pack-mule style, so this bag is perfect for me. I'm sure my stuff will be protected.
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By Perry D. from United States
I purchased my Titan on the 15 September 2013, the clip at the front broke and some stitching began to come out in 2016. I made Everki aware of this and they offered to replace my bag free of charge under warranty. In September 2018 (2 years after they already said they would send a new one) I finally decided to take them up on the offer and I donated my bag to a charity organisation. Everki customer care confirmed the delivery of my new Titan is being arranged and will be on it's way shorty.

Great, polite and helpful customer service, had no problems whatsoever and they didn't try wiggle out of the guarantee like most companies seem to do these days. If i ever come to buy another bag, it will be an Everki bag.
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By from United States
I have been using this bag for 2 years until this bag broke. when I was using this bag, I felt very satisfied, because this bag could carry stuffs which I need. Both quality and Everki customer service are very good. When I claimed my Titan warranty, the customer service was very patient and nice to guide me step by step how to claim the warranty. Now I am using my new Everki Atlas wheeled backpack laptop and I also bought Everki Urbanite.

Thanks you very much Everki for your good products and your good service

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By Indra B. from Indonesia
I've had this bag for a few years now and still love it. It's outlasted my Asus G74SX and is now protecting my MSI Dominator. I have traveled to seven countries across four continents and this bag has held up for all of it. The only problem is I carry too much now as it has the room for all of it. I've recently starting looking for bags for my sons to use for school and to carry their laptops. Unfortunately, I don't think it would be good for a school bag, otherwise I would get this for them. I'm still looking at getting them Everki bags as their customer service was excellent with the one issue I had. This bag holds almost my whole desk worth of goodies and gadgets that I use for gaming and office work.
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By Derek H. from United States
I LOVE this bag. Have had it for years and still use it everyday. Still looks great and I would not use anything else. I used to go through a bag a year if not more often. I know it seems pricey but it's the last Laptop bag you will ever need to buy. I have gone through multiple laptops since buying it. If it burst into flames and was reduced to ashes I would go out and buy another one.

Steve G
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By from United States
I purchased this backpack due to the fact that I have the ASUS G75. It is a massive computer and i wanted to to be secure. This bag is the only one I have found that allows you to put that large of a computer into the computer sleeve . Excellent value. Great construction. Plenty of space for anything.
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By Jesse S. from United States
Fits my Dell Precision M6700 with room to spare. Looks really cool has loads of inside pockets.

BUT, and this is quite a design flaw I think - the laptop compartment padding has gaps at the bottom corners and offers no protection in those areas.

If this bag is dropped and lands on a bottom corner on a hard surface the laptop will be damaged. This has happened to my previous laptop with a different bag which had more padding than the titan!

I will need to buy some foam inserts to protect my laptop properly.
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By Gerald C. from United States
It's a great bag. But like the name suggests, it's HUGE.

Pros: It can fit everything and then some more. It looks and functions great.

Cons: Just found out there's no padding on the bottom of the bag! When I put it down, my brand NEW 2 week old Macbook got a dent! How could they forget to pad the bottom of a computer bag??? Why didn't this get the Patent Pending corner guards?

Size might be too big. When full, you won't be able to put it under an airplane seat. I think the VERSA might be the right size for me (has bottom corner guards).

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By Stephen Y. from United States
First of all I love the part of it being airport friendly and perfect for traveling! Also fits my massive 18.4 laptop with a sleeve. It has plenty of pockets to store different things in them and the bright colored inside makes looking for things a lot easier that's something most other bags don't take into account!!! The adjustment straps make it comfortable and spread the weight more evenly, to better balance the load on top of your shoulders instead of letting it sag to the bottom. The rain cover works rather well and is a good for those rainy days. I like to point out the this bag looks built to last with heavy duty stitching, to hold up against everyday use. I'm a big guy and sometimes it's hard to find bags that fit me well. All I can say is it was worth every penny!!!
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By Art T. from United States
I've had this bag for over 3 years now. I take it with me everywhere I go. A section of the bag broke, after about 2.5 years. Everki sent me a replacement, hassle free. Best Customer Service I've dealt with in a long time. Very friendly staff and great communication with their customers.
This bag is just awesome. I have a 17in Alienware laptop, and it fits great, with a room to spare. The compartments in the bag are so handy. All of my cables and peripherals fit perfectly. The rain cover is great and very useful. You can actually fit so much in this bag.
I've travel to Hong Kong, Australia, US and Canada with this bag. The 180deg checkpoint feature is great. Though some airports with stricter security still require you to remove the laptop from the bag. But it's still really easy to just open up the zipper and quickly take out the laptop.
Best bag I've used so far, and will continue using for a long time.
Thank you Everki!
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By Olivia K. from Canada
I travel extensively and needed a backpack that would provide durability and roominess. I have an Alienware m17x-R4 17.3 laptop. There is absolutely no problems with fit even using a protective sleeve on the pc. Storage pockets abound! All of my stuff fits in this backpack and it looks great. The only drawback I see is the front pocket. The stretchy material should be more heavy duty in my opinion. I was carrying a thermal mug and bottle of water in it but now there is a small rub hole and a couple of snags after less than a month's use. A little disappointed on only this one issue. It should only be used for small objects like a Reader or iPad where the material is not stressed. Otherwise, this backpack suits all of my needs.
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By Mark J. from United States
Everki's attention to detail is evident in every aspect of this backpack. No other bag that I've seen gives you as much for the same price. After my wife saw the quality and style that Everki puts into their products, she decided to get one.

Dr. Fred W
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By Fred W. from United States
I am very pleased with my backpack, is a product of excellent quality, roomy and spacious with many accessories. I can not fault, would recommend to anyone, and I must also compliment the service provided by the company, good, after losing an accessory, it has been replaced quickly and precisely. 5 stars for you. Thank you very much.
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By Alessandro T. from Italy
I've owned this bag since 2012 and I use it Sunday-Wednesday every week and sometimes more, I love how much stuff I can fit in this, the bag is comfortable and its built very well, and best of all it's very durable and has held up for me for 3 years no problem. I own a Alienware M18xR2 and it's a big Laptop (18" LCD), this bag holds it no problem with room to spare plus it has felt lining everywhere that keeps your devices from being scratched up. Recently I had a little wear from the bag in a few spots, I talked to Everki's customer support and they held up their warranty and got me fixed up without any hassle at all. I plan to be a customer for life, you get what you pay for with this company! Thank you Everki!
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By Lance T. from United States
I have the EPK120 this is an outstanding product holds up very well and had room to spare. i travel a lot and being checkpoint friendly saves me time and it looks great . I am always asked where I bought it from other travelers. I highly recomend this backpack to everyone that asks.
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By HOWARD S. from United States
A most splendid backpack fits both my old giant Medion Akoya, and my new smaller asus notebook on top of many a heavy schoolbook. Large enough to carry most anything and cushioned enough that my laptop survived inside when someone accidently pushed it down a small flight of stairs in the lecture-hall.
Not to mention the customer support, when an arm strap got frayed after several years of use, I got a new one within days, despite me never even knowing I was meant to register it. Top grades on both service and merchandise.
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By from United States
Good bag, great design, great customer care. The bag is very stylish and looks very sleek. I get compliments about the bag frequently.

Only downside it is not super rugged. I do a lot of traveling and eventually, I had to warranty the bag. However, I have to say the customer service reps are top notch and made warrantying the bag hassle free.
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By Christopher W. from United States
After a long search for a backpack style laptop bag to fit my 17.3 inch Asus G74 laptop I am happy to say that this is a bag that seems like it was custom made for those of us with these monstrous laptops. The bags laptop compartment is perfect. The first time putting the laptop in the laptop pocket it was a little snug, but after using the bag a few days it's much easier to get the laptop in and out. Whoever made the inside of this bag bright orange was a genius. One thing I've always hated was hunting around in my bag for my headphones, mp3 player, a pen.....etc. I can see all the wires and things I normally have to hunt for. Bag is worth the price just for saving me the frustration of having to hunt for stuff. Tons of pockets, tons of storage. I could live out of the bag for a week if I had to with all the storage it has. Bag is well made, built to last from the feel of it and more comfortable to wear then any other backpack I've had. The chest strap keeps the shoulder straps more on my chest and saves me from the feeling of the bag pulling back on my shoulders that I normally get from a backpack. Shoulder straps are thick and soft and feels great when I have it on. There is water resistant cover for the bag is great for keeping rain off, but I also use it to "dress down" the bag. If you're traveling, on the metro or just in a place with a lot of people around it's great to hide zippers to make it harder for people to unzip the bag when you're not looking. I'll admit that I spent more money on this bag then I was planning on spending on a bag, but I am glad that I bought it. Considering what I spent on the laptop that this bag protects so well, to me it's worth every penny.
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By Dan G. from United States
Simply put - this bag / backpack works great! There is plenty of room for my laptop and every accessory imaginable. I highly recommend this product. It's built well and is holding up nicely to the everyday grind.
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By Michael B. from United States
I am using the backback on a daily basis for two years. As my work is connected with frequent travels across Europe all my important things are constantly kept inside the bag. I really appreciate all the cool features it has like mesh pockets – where you can actually see what is inside; the rain cover, so your things are safe when walking in the rain; the quick access pockets, so you are fast on the airport; the huge amount of space that it has inside to put some clothes for few days and so on.
The one feature that I was not able to use until now is the checkpoint friendly compartment. I have not been on an airport that would allow this kind of scan. Anyway it is there and you can use it to clean the pocket there or to find something lost inside.

The thing that actually made me write this review was the fact that I had two defects with the bag. I have contacted the support team and since that point in time I was getting more and more impressed by this company (Everki).
1. The support is super-fast keeping you in the loop of all the states of your complain.
2. They have sent a replacement bag in less than a week.
3. Actually this is the most amazing part – Everki have actually fixed all the design issues that were causing the problems I have experienced initially.

My experience with other companies is that most of the time they do not admit their defects. The best you can get is the exact same replacement of something that already failed. This was not the case with Everki, they have found, acknowledged and removed the defects.
As nowadays this kind of attitude is kind of rare I would highly recommend the backpack itself and the company as a whole.
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By Ivaylo M. from Bulgaria
This bag is amazing! I have a Dell XPS 18, which is marketed as an All-In-One touchscreen desktop computer, but is basically an 18.4" tablet with laptop guts. The Titan accommodates it perfectly and so far, has protected my huge touchscreen just fine.

I've hitchhiked across the country several times with this as my only luggage. It's big enough to replace a carry-on bag, but the form-factor tricks airlines into not counting it as such.

I love the 180 degree X-ray foldout, the dozens of pockets, the adjustable comfort, the colors, and especially the quality materials and construction. Well done sirs and madams.
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By from United States
The best laptop back I have ever owned. I used to go through the Targus laptop bags about 6 months to a year! So finally was fed up with the cheapness of the Targus bags and hesitantly spent the money for an Everki bag. Even though some of the bigger Targus bags cost the same but does not have the same warranty. I have taken this backpack almost all around the world and it has held up very well. I normally carry two laptops in my bag, one gaming system Asus G75 and my Macbook Pro and iPad, also all the power supplies and extra cables. The video they demonstrate is very comparable to what I end up carrying my backpack. It is very comfortable to wear and with all the support points it makes it easy to adjust. The average weight of my backpack when I am on a trip is about 30 pounds. So needless to say it holds up very well and is durable.
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By Ted C. from United States
Hard to find a backpack large enough to fit just my oversized laptop never mind all my programming tools and test gear. This bag has it all plus room left over. I would recommend this to everyone with a large laptop. One con with this backpack is if you pack it full it gets too heavy to carry. I would be the first one to buy if they put wheels on it.
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By Jerry B. from United States
This is a great bag, holds my G74 and much much more, I use it for just about everything, and it looks pretty sweet too
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By Billy B. from Canada
Bought this bag over three years ago! This is my daily carry bag. I would rate this 4.5 if I could...

Traveled several countries in Asia and Europe with this bag and had no trouble with customs. I've actually carried over 25Kg of stuff in this bag and it keeps on going! Despite the abuse I've put this bag through, it has only developed minor tears on the zipper-seam to the main compartment. Only complaint is the big handle places a lot of stress on the seems at the zipper and tears away near the handle pads. This isn't a big issue for me as I use the small loop between the arm straps. This loop has a lot of reenforcement and handles the weight without fail. But zipper seams don't have sufficient enforcement around the top the bag. So, as the stress from the big handles increases, the zipper will tear open along the seam.

Considering the amount of abuse this bag has endured for the last three years around Tokyo, Japan... It's been an awesome bag!!! I'll definitely look to Everki for my next bag purchase.
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By Richie B. from Japan
The best backpack i have ever owned.... Plenty of room for my bulky HP 8770W and it's power supply nicknamed "the brick". Even with all of the stuff you need on the go, it never gets uncomfortable to wear due to the big padded straps.

I don't even take the regular stuff out if i'm going to a conference and need to lug it around for a week. The raincape actually holds it's own when i was caught outside during a sudden downpour, all inside was dry, when i was soaking wet. It's so big I sometimes abuse it as an auxiallary shoppingbag on my way home :) ....

If you have a large laptop, and want to carry a laptopstand, keyboard and all the other stuff you need in a bullit proof backpack, look no further, the Titan XXL is what you need.
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By Theo E. from Netherlands
This backpack is amazing! I have a 17.3 inch gaming laptop which fits perfectly into the padded pouch, which has a ton of padding for protection. The backpack has really good water resistance and if that doesn't give you peace of mind, it also has a rain cover. The felt lining in the laptop and tablet compartment allows for your electronics to slide very smoothly into their respective compartments. Being a student, I carry around a lot of heavy textbooks and things, but this bag is able to fit all my stuff and is still has room leftover. If amazing build quality won't give you peace of mind, this product comes with a lifetime warranty and as a very appreciated bonus, world-class customer service.
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By Alex C. from United States
I use this backpack for a MSI GT83VR.

The front compartment is well suited for placing the small bag that contains cable, mouse and what not. I have the mouse, travel surge protector, and power cords in the small bag.

In the middle compartment; which is padded, I have a tablet and the power bricks for the laptop. I also have a book in that compartment and I think I could probably fit more.

Now on to the main laptop compartment. The laptop fits nice and snug in the main rear compartment. The only issue is that the corners are not padded. As stated by other reviewers, this is a design issue.

Overall, the backpack is constructed of the best materials, and looks like it will last a long time. The only issue is that the corners are not padded. This is an oversight that I hope they will remedy in future iterations of this fine product.
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By Javier R. from United States
The Everki Titan backpack is by far the best backpack I have come to own...and I've owned at least 10 backpacks in the last year. Usually I'll buy one and if i'm not happy with it, I'll buy another and another...but since I found the Titan, I havent gotten the urge to buy another backpack. The Titan is definitely the one to keep. It holds a lot of my devices, notebooks, electronics and accessories. You name it, the Titan can hold it. Everki is a great company. They have by far the best customer service and warranty! There was no hassle when it came to getting support for my backpack. They immediately addressed the issue and found a solution. It took all together about 30 minutes to resolve my problem. You cannot beat that anywhere! I'm definitely going to keep buying my backpacks from Everki. There's no need to go anywhere else!
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By Bernardo M. from United States
Hi, the Titan EKP120 makes for a perfect marriage with my Alienware 18.4 inch laptop. After quite some time the bag was hurt due to a fall of the heavy Laptop but the Titan saved my much loved Alienware! It was a pleasant surprise that my Titan was replace after that damage! In fact, the new bag arrived within 3 days!

I am a really happy customer indeed! I will make let friends and colleagues know
about your great products and the superb service!

Cheers, Frank
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By Frank S. from United States
It's by far the best bag I ever had.
It has a multitude of pockets for all your stuff , built with high quality materials and has a modern design .
The inside padding designed to protect your laptop is soft and I'm sure it will protect most of the laptops from a medium fall (1 m / 3 ft) . Unfortunately I have an Alienware 18 and due to it's weight it won't help it that much .
Talking about the laptop, it barely fits, but the special foam will expand enough to allow the laptop to fit faster into it's special pouch.
The bag is quite heavy, with a weight of about 2 kg / 4.5 lbs but the carrying straps are well design and you won't feel the weight.
I am very pleased with my acquisition and I don't regret buying EVERKY !
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By Alex T. from Romania
My Titan Bag had developed a slight stitching issue at the carry handle seem to the zip. This bag has served me FIFO for over 3 years with no issues, being punished by luggage crews worldwide.

I contacted Everki to ask about warranty. With a few simple requests and a understanding Everki agent I have my bag renewed and the old one donated to the local RSPCA, Every one happy. Thanks to James at Everki for working with me to get a result.
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By Andrew G. from Australia
Seriously the best tech backpack I've ever owned.

This is one of the only backpacks I could find that would carry my iPad and my 17.4 inch laptop. I've taken it on planes with no problems thanks to the clam shell design. My usual photography load out is:

17.4 inch laptop
iPad Air
Anker 26000 mA battery
External hard drives
Business Cards
Water Bottle
Bluetooth over the ear headphones
Light Pullover
EDC pocket
DSLR bodies
DSLR lenses

I've also cleared this bag out and used it to take my PS4 to LAN parties. The second compartment slides the entire console in perfectly while all the components and games fit into the first compartment.

One of the best things about this bag is that the support is just perfect. When adjusted right, the bag does not ever seem to be as heavy as it should be. This is one of the only bags that has leaves me without wanting anything. If my laptop or PS4 need to move, this is the only bag that will work. Great job Everki!
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By Paul d. from United States
Great product, great bag, premium materials, everything has been well thought-out, lots of space and space segregation. BUT there is Huge downside and great disappointment, that the bottom corners have no protection whatsoever! This is primary objective of this kind of product - to protect your precious and expensive notebook. Why over these years of production and development, Everki could not implement 'corner guards' on this product?
Everki Titan ain't cheap, paid a lot and now I have to create my own bottom padding to protect vulnerable corners 'facepalm'. And still this is one of the best quality products you can get on the market.
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By Sergey S. from Ukraine
I bought this bag for my 17" Dell laptop in 2013. I have been using it almost every day since and the bag still looks brand new. 2 Years Platinum and 1 Diamond medallion with Delta and the Titian was with me each and every mile.

The layout of the bag fits well for a gadget guy, with lots of pockets to store cables, hard drives, tablets etc. The outside stretch pocket works well to slam your phone, passport, and wallet in prior to airplane security and the laptop pocket is a breeze to open if you need to pull your laptop from the bag. That little pocket on top handles change, different currency, aspirin, smokes and sunglass case.

After years of replacing 50 dollar bags I found the one that lasts.

Customer service is top notch....
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By Duane M. from Canada
Bought this bag for my 17.3" laptop and audio interface. Lots of room to store stuff. This bag is built like an army tank! It is the best bag I ever owned. I would recommend buying this bag. I use this to get to Music gigs every week. Don't hesitate to buy!
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By Michel B. from Canada
Excellent. With this backpack can organize all my stuff, and above all, safe. for me is the best backpack I've ever seen in my life.
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By Nuno v. from Portugal
Over several years of commuting long distances, I have tried out virtually every kind of business luggage. 2 years ago, I purchased a huge Asus G75 laptop and needed a new bag. This one received great reviews and I have not been disappointed. It is large enough to carry 2 laptops, all kinds of extra stuff, water and so on. Everything is well protected in there too. It is as comfy as a bag this size could be. I find myself using it even when I am not chugging around my big laptop but even for my newer 12 inch machine, just because it is so good.

On balance, I can unconditionally recommend this bag. Also, the customer service is amazing. I noticed that at the lower back end, a seam was opening, contacted Everki with pictures of it, and there was a brand new bag at my door the next day! That's how owners of luxury cars must feel like...

Cheers and keep the great work going.
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By from United States
I got this bag for my Asus G73 laptop. The first time putting the G73 in was just a little snug but the fit is better after a few times. I LOVE THIS BAG!! It is not easy finding a bag that will fit these monsters. This one not only fits the laptop but everything else I need for it with room to spare. The padded compartment for my Galasy Tab is a real plus as is the pouch for my adapter and cable. There are enough pockets for external hard drives, mouse, multi-outlet surge protector, cable lock... You name it and there's probably a pocket for it. It has a height-adjustable chest strap that keeps the shoulder straps where you want them while fitting all size people. It is very comfortable when fully loaded and that's saying something when the laptop alone weighs 7.5 pounds. This bag is well made with a lot of thought put into traveling with your technology. Very sturdy construction and the rain shroud will keep your things dry and clean in bad weather. I believe this bag is well worth the money to protect your items. I mean, common, you spend a chunk of change on your laptop and accessories and then risk damage with a lesser bag? That's just not a good idea to me.
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By Ellen A. from United States
I purchased MSI GT80 Titan SLI 18.4" Laptop but no MSI Backpack included. So I have to search for alternative backpack. I tried various products from other vendor and I must say that this is the only one that fit. Not only that, they both shared the same moniker, "Titan". It's like Everki made this product specifically for MSI GT80 Titan series laptop.

The product build-quality is really good, I have it for almost a year without any problem. It also big enough to be used for other purpose. Highly recommended.
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By Dev R. from Indonesia
This thing is great. Was looking for something affordable and got it on sale off of NCIX.

I was actually surprised at how huge this thing is, I'm 5 8 so it is quiet large, but man can it fit anything. Could fit in my G75VX Asus laptop even in the padded slot (apparently the Beacon doesn't accomodate one but it still fits in the main compartment)

You could probably fit in 2-3 gaming laptops in this and still have room to spare, pretty much perfect for school. Love the straps.

Only thing I realised from other people is that the bottom ain't exactly padded, I just threw in some old shirt just in case.
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By Arie S. from Canada
Just got the titan today for a asus g752 laptop and glad I did the 18.4 compartmentis almost an exact fit for this laptop the bag is awsome zippers to snaps and stitching and materials seem pretty high quality and rugged. The I pad and laptop compartment has a nice soft padding so far this bag is worth the money has an awsome amount of room in it great product and I will recommend it to everyone in need of a nice well made. Strong bag good job everki no cons to report in the bag just the tag with the limited lifetime warranty says made in China so I guess your office is in the USA but it's a great bag anyways
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By MICHAEL h. from United States
I bought this amazing bag while I was travelling around the world. I was kind of fed up of my suitcase and had a 17.3 Toshiba Laptop to fit! This was a perfect match. Since then I've always traveled with it! I currently work as a DJ and this bag fits everything I need. Cables, video-projector, 17.3" laptop, headset and more!
Anyways, I had an accident with this bag (motorbike)and, not only, did the bag suffer no damage, it protected my laptop and my ribs.
Last point: customer service! I had a zipper issue. Not only did Everki replace my 5 year old Titan, they gave me the possibility to donate my old bag to charity!
I recommend this bag 100%!
Great brand because of great people!
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By Joachim G. from France
Not gonna lie, this is an excellent backpack. I was searching for about a day and a half for a backpack that suited all my needs, and this did it, no question. This backpack has amazing comfort with the strap system, and also has the best storage capacity. I have absolutely no design complaints. However, the price could be lowered, at least a bit. Not too big of a problem though. Everki will definitely be my new first choice for backpacks.
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By Dustin S. from Canada
This is by far the best backpack I have ever owned.. And I own now a total of 4..none with a warranty like this one has..
I have a Asus G74 SX and it fits perfectly. And this one has ample storage space for all my gadgets and electronics. And the rain cover is very cool. no complaints. This Backpack gets this 56 year old Techie thru the day with no problem.
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By ROGER T. from United States
The bag fits my ASUS G75VW - which is more than i can say about any other bag on the market. Cushioned compartments, a tablet holder, great dividers and organization, and it doesn't look outrageously large on a guy who's 6'2 . Pretty much the perfect bag for school and travel. And it's got a lifetime warranty protecting against rips, or zippers splitting, etc. 5 out of 5.
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By Tyler S. from Canada
Nice bag, lots of space and supports large laptops like the Alienware 17R3. I've had the bag for a few days and am already considering returning it (at the very least I will be exchanging it). The zippers for the laptop space have gone through the padding and damaged my laptop from simply placing it on the table. There is an actual split in the padding where the zipper went through and marks on both my laptop and the zipper. The hope was this bag would protect the laptop, not damage it from normal use.
I give the bag 2 starts as it has a lot of nice feature, but the core intent for having this is to protect my laptop, and it failed greatly on doing that.
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By Neil H. from United States
This is the ultimate backpack! Not just because it was well designed for your laptop, but because it is so much more. If you're a hard core gamer or just like to surf the web, or you need your laptop at all times, this is the way to go. For example, I like to take my laptop to and from work. It's easy access for all of your devices, cables, cords, books, etc. I may only go through an airport once every 5 yrs., but I love this backpack. Very comfortable, easy access, and very versatile. Even if I don't carry my devices with me, I'll still use it for my clothes. Very pleased with this purchase.
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By Mark B. from United States
I bought the pack and after few weeks caring my asus g75 the bottom started to fall apart. After a year there was a rip in the left corner. I sent a message using the life warranty and they replace it with a new backpack. i was hoping they fix the corner of the back like the concept backpack for extra strength. Now i am going to test the new backpack if it happens again.
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By Theareak N. from Canada
Just did my first trip with the Everki Titan. My previous "checkpoint friendly" backpack - from a different manufacturer - had a pass-through trolley strap, which I got used to. This does not. I guess I have to get used to that, judging by the numerous times the backpack fell off the suitcase when I'd attempt to lean the suitcase / backpack against the wall, chair, etc. when not pulling the suitcase / backpack combo. For such an expensive backpack, with so many positive features for heavy business travelers like myself (who often carry two laptops), this is a huge, huge, huge oversight. Happy with a lot of things with this backpack, but severely disappointed with the lack of a trolley strap, but that's on me. I had to quickly replace my old backpack and did not do proper due-diligence, and made the assumption that it would be a standard feature.
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By PJ F. from United States
It have a great quality, I've used it for almost 3 years now!

Somehow it seems too big for daily use at office, but if you're need to travel somewhere and need to carry your notebook, this product is perfect for you!

Just bought Versa EKP127 for my daily use at the office! will review that after used it for a while.
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By Arief W. from Indonesia
5 Stars!! This is an excellent buy. Fits ASUS Republic Of Gamers Ultrabooks very nicely with lots of space to spare. Was looking for a bag just like this for a long time. Delivery was unbelievably quick as well. A Happy Customer
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By Bernard B. from South Africa
bag works great for my needs. I notice acouple of times one of the straps at the chest would come off. I'd put it back on, but when I try to adjust it it would fall off. Just got back from vacation and notice a strap missing. Now the weight will be all on my back, since the chest strap would hold it better. I'm giving it a 4 since the strap comes off way to easy
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By from United States
I got this bag 5 month ago, it was really awesome, large compartment additional poach including rain coat. This is the best bag I ever had.
Support and after sale is really perfect, After five month I got small hole on my bottom bag, I submit the ticket for warranty, and around in 4 days I got new replacement bag, it come really quick.
If it come for to buy new bag, I will look no more but everki.
Thank you everki.
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By Akbar K. from Indonesia
A very good bag, and a very good company too. That's the first time I bought an "above average" quality bag, because I wanted something sturdy and functionnal. This bag has been a very trustworthy companion ever since. Unfortunately, a small metal latch happened to break at some point. Since it did not prevent me from using most of the bag's functionality, I decided to just accept my misfortune. But recently, I realised that Everki had a long term customer service, so I asked if they could do something about this little defect of the bag I had. They actually replaced the whole bag, giving me the option of offering my former bag to a charity of my choice. Good values, good quality and especially very good and well thought-out products ! Respect to that company and their products !
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By Nicolas S. from United States
Just bought this bag for few days, everything is nice. Many partitions is allow us to put a lot of accessories. But the weight of bag can make it around 1 kg - 1.5 kg. Then it will look perfect. Cos our Big note book is heavy enough already. Finally, I think it is reasonable for me to look for this Bag for my 17.3" notebook.
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By KENNETH T. from Malaysia
I have always had problems in finding a bag that can carry everything I really need when I'm travelling for work, but in this period I wasn't looking for a new bag (yet) because I was still deciding what new laptop to buy. Then by chance I got to know Everki products.
So I have chosen Titan because it perfectly fits any laptop up to 18.4'', and because it already has so many good reviews from users all around the world.
My first impression? Titan looks classy and yet sturdy, very well made, big enough to carry your laptop and a lot more, and with so many compartments.
In particular I have appreciated the inside (made with anti-shock foam) and the shoulder straps (they are really comfortable and look like they will last for a lifetime!)
There is also a separate pouch for your mouse, cables, and other stuff you usually don't want to see around in your bag.
The cherry on the top is the rain cover, very useful when you need to protect the bag (and its precious content) when weather gets particularly inclement.
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By Andrea B. from Italy
I'm a computer programmer and I have a lot of gear to carry around and I was looking for a "solid" laptop bag with a number of compartments to store everything. Just to give you an example of what I have in this bag :
( 1 ) 17" MacBook Pro
( 2 ) iPad Air 2
( 3 ) Beats Head Phones
( 4 ) Flip 3 Portable speaker
( 5 ) Ethernet Cables
( 6 ) Mac Mini
( 7 ) 2 External Logitech Keyboards
( 8 ) 2 Terabyte External Drive
( 9 ) Mice
( 10 ) Flash Drives
( 11 ) Pens, Legal Pad, Markers
( 12 ) Power Supplies for MacBook Pro, iPad & Mac Mini

Basically the only thing I DON'T have in the bag is my kitchen sink and if tried hard that would probably get in there too.

This will be the LAST bag you'll ever buy. It's very durable, it's made very well from the shoulder straps, inside protective pockets, right down to the zippers, which I might add are also solid.

It also comes with a bag which I have at the bottom of my bag which holds cables, mice, flash drives, extra items and miscellaneous computer gear.

I can't say enough about this bag and I thought my old Targus bag was good BUT this bag is the Rolls Royce of laptop bags.

One other item which I thought was not only cool but I've never seen in any other bag. This bag comes with waterproof covering that will fit over the bag and give it added protection when going through rain.

I only wish I could post pictures so you could see how much stuff I have in this bag and it's constructed so you can get at items very easily -- another huge plus.

So in summary, WELL MADE, WELL WORTH the PRICE, & WELL DONE !!!
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By Dominick C. from United States
man's bag.big bag. beefy bag. it holds big laptops securely. files, hardcover textbooks, wireless keyboard, other office necessities. I like it.
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By Trent F. from United States
GREAT BAG!!! This is the only backpack I could find that would fit my monster of a laptop. PLUS, there is loads of extra room for tablet, chargers, tape measures and a change of clothes for overnight trips. The only issue I had is the shoulder adjustment strap starting tearing at about 9 months of use, but Everki replaced the entire bag under warranty. I could not be happier with this bag!
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By Wesley P. from United States
Better then I expected!
The amount of room is unbelievable, and comfort on the back is outstanding. I have been looking for a new roller bag and was unable to find just wait I wanted and out of desperation stumbled across this backpack. even with my poor back it is comfortable and does not cause me a backache. I'm so impressed I can't stop talking to people about it. Way to go EVERKI!!!
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By Mark R. from United States
I previously had a Booq bag which I liked very much, but when I got a new ASUS G74SX laptop this bag would not fit it so I did a search on the ASUS ROG forums and found suggestion about the Everki bag. I bought the EKP120 and really like this bag- it not only holds the notebook comfortably but also easily accommodates all my accessories as well. Great Bag!
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By Glenn W. from United States
Just received this pack and I'm impressed. I've got an Asus G75 laptop and I often travel overseas. Up until now I've been using the Asus bag that I purchased with the laptop (I did try to get an Everki at the time but they only stocked the 17 bags) but it's a real pain having to pull a fairly heavy laptop out of a tightly packed bag as there was no separation of the laptop pouch from the main section of the bag.

I'm certain that I'll be able to take everything I need for a week away. The hefty 2kg weight of the bag means I can't take as much on the plane because of weight restrictions (the Asus bag was half this weight) but it's a fair trade-off for a product that's far superior in design and finish and I'm sure it will be FAR less frustrating to take through security.

I also checked before purchasing and I can confirm that when fully loaded the Titan (just) meets domestic carry-on size limits, for New Zealand at least. I'm almost looking forward to my next trip away.
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By Justin S. from Australia
I'm from Indonesia, so im going to write in Bahasa, hoping Indonesian easier to read my Review, over all: I am a happy2 customer, thank you to James (Customer Service), patiently help me with my claim.

Saya beli Everki Atlas, sekitar 6-7 tahun yang lalu. Beberapa waktu lalu Desember 17, Chest Strap (Pengait dada) saya hilang satu, setelah membaca review dari banyak orang di everki.com, semua memuji pelayanan Customer Service yang luar biasa. Saya mengirim email untuk beli pengait, ternyata akan dikirimkan gratis!

Kaget dengan pemberian strap gratis, saya iseng memeriksa Everki Atlas saya, ternyata dibagian Back Strap ada jahitan yang sedikit tersobek. sekalian saya klaim, dan tas tua saya diganti dengan tas Everki yang baru, GRATIS!!

lalu saya mengajukan upgrade tas, karena untuk laptop saya sudah memiliki Everki Flight, upgrade ke TIpe Atlas Wheeled, dan tas tua saya dihargai dengan harga baru, dan hanya menambah 75 usd saja untuk upgrade ke Atlas Wheeled yang harganya 2,4 juta - 2, 6 juta rupiah.

pengiriman hanya beberapa hari, karena pihak Everki meminta bantuan distributornya di Indonesia jakartanotebook.com untuk mengirim tas Atlasnya. pihak Jakartanotebook.com juga sangat membantu proses klaim, tanpa ada adminstrasi yang merepotkan, mereka mengganti tas saya, ga sampai seminggu.

one word to Everki Customer Service: AMAZING!!

again thank you for all your help.

Happy Customer from Indonesia.
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By Ruswan B. from Indonesia
Just wanted to know when you will be doing a bag for the GO PRO... This iOS all im asking have two other back pack bags that I enjoy.
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By from United States
I travel a lot and I love the check point friendly feature. The center strap keeps the bag comfortably secure to my back without slipping left or right. Great compartments to organize my stuff. Also, the large deep slots for systems can not be matched. Like another person said It does not look obnoxiously big . Two thumbs up!! Once you tried Everki, everything else is just a bag.
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By Ishmail N. from United States
Awesome bag and exceptional customer service. This is a company that really stands behind the warranty of their products. As a mobile DJ I pack my bag with heaps of gear and it feels really safe. I would also like a waist strap to help take some of the weight but apart from that, all good.
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By Alex M. from Australia
I purchased my Everki bag and it got here two days ahead of schedule, much to my delight. It's a perfect backpack that is capable of holding just about everything I could need, including my laptop, game console(s) and all of the accompanying cords and controllers as well as games, clothes and some other things.

It's constructed beautifully and the faux fur lining feels excellent. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a beefy backpack, regardless if they have a laptop or not.
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By Jonathan B. from Australia
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