Concept 2

Premium Travel Friendly Laptop Backpack, up to 17.3-Inch

EVERKI’s next generation premium backpack for the mobile professional

A premium laptop backpack for the mobile professional who expects quality, functionality, and distinct style. The carefully designed organization affords maximum efficiency, while the top quality materials give the modern styling you desire.

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Concept 2 Backpack

The 17.3-inch laptop backpack with premium features and smart styling

Our Concept 2 backpack is designed for the mobile professional who demands organizational functionality and won’t sacrifice on style. We’ve crafted the Concept 2 using our highest quality materials, such as ballistic nylon and top grade leather handle and accents. Only premium features are included, like our unique hard-shell sunglasses case, an RFID-protected pocket, and patented corner-guard protection system on the laptop pocket. The modern aesthetics and fresh styling of the bag let you stand out in a crowd. The Concept 2 showcases the quality you expect in an EVERKI bag.

Concept 2 Backpack

Intuitive design

The Concept 2 backpack is thoughtfully engineered with streamlined spaces and select features for your business travel. The technology compartment consists of a felt-lined laptop pocket that stores up to a 17.3-inch laptop and a separate felt-lined pocket for your tablet. Your microchipped passports and credit cards are protected in our RFID-protected pocket, and if you need further security for additional documents, use the bottom rain cover pocket as an optional hidden stash. The main compartment is spacious and roomy, with a file divider to keep your important papers and files organized; and your sunglasses or reading glasses are carefully protected when you tuck them away in the hard-shell quick-access case on the top of the bag. The Concept 2 – features that matter.

Concept 2 Backpack

Travel friendly

Going through airport security can be a hassle, so we designed the technology compartment in the Concept 2 to help you pass through security quickly and easily. The dedicated compartment that stores both your laptop and tablet is immediately accessible, so if you have to remove your devices for screening, you can simply unzip the technology compartment and access them without rummaging through the rest of your bag. And if you happen to go through a security checkpoint that acknowledges Checkpoint Friendly bags, you can just open that compartment up 180 degrees, lay it flat, and let your bag quickly pass through the scanner.

Concept 2 Backpack

Hard-shell quick-access sunglasses case

Are your sunglasses or reading glasses a traveling necessity? Then you definitely want them protected inside your bag. Our unique hard-shell sunglasses case was designed specifically with this in mind. There is plenty of space in the built-in hard case for your sunglasses or reading glasses, as well as an additional nylon tuck-away for your phone or ear buds. And because it’s positioned on the top of the bag, you won’t have to fumble around looking for them when you need them. Your glasses are safe, secure and right at your fingertips.

Concept 2 Backpack

Patented corner-guard protection system

When you travel with your backpack as your mobile office, your laptop has to be securely protected. That’s why we’ve engineered the Concept 2 with extra padding in the lining of the laptop pocket and molded-to-fit laptop corner guards. Our patented corner-guard protection system uses form-fitting corners to wrap snugly around the bottom of your laptop pocket, to protect against knocks and bumps – or if you accidentally set your bag down too abruptly. The shock-absorbing system of the Concept 2 will give you peace of mind, knowing your laptop is safe inside your bag.

Concept 2 Backpack

Trolley handle pass-through

When traveling with many bags, the trolley handle pass-through on the back of the Concept 2 allows you to double your efforts. Simply slip the backpack onto the handle of your luggage and you’re ready to wheel through the airport.

RFID protection

Carrying passports or credit cards with microchips may make you vulnerable to illegal remote scans. So we designed the Concept 2 to protect the sensitive data on your passport and credit cards with an RFID-protected pocket. Simply slip your sensitive items into the secure pocket, and your information is safe from unwanted RFID scans.

Concept 2 Backpack

Concept 2 Backpack

High-contrast lining

All EVERKI interiors are stylish, high-contrast orange because we know how frustrating it is to mistakenly leave a compartment unzipped, and how difficult it is to organize against a black background. Savvy and Stylish.

Water-repellent ballistic nylon

Constructed from top-of-the-line textiles like water-repellent ballistic nylon, it’s durable enough for the most challenging conditions. Designed for protection and abrasion resistance, this material wicks away water to help protect the contents inside your bag. We’ve also included a separate backpack rain cover for protection even in inclement weather.

Concept Backpack

Concept 2 Backpack

Large zippers and metal pulls

Have you ever broken a zipper on your favorite bag? We have. That’s why we designed the Concept 2 using heavy duty zippers with extra large metal pulls. So your favorite bag can remain your favorite bag.

Peace of mind

EVERKI makes products of value because we value our relationships. Every product EVERKI makes comes with our Limited Lifetime Warranty which covers manufacturing defects over the entire life of the product. EVERKI. We give you peace of mind.

Peace of mind
  • Travel friendly 17.3-inch laptop/tablet compartment
  • Hard-shell quick-access sunglasses case
  • Patented corner-guard protection system
  • RFID-protected pocket
  • Trolley handle pass-through
  • Premium leather handle and accents
Model EKP133B
UPC 874933002673
Fits device sizes 17.3" (44.0 cm)
Fits tablets up to 13" (33 cm)
Laptop pocket 42 x 28.3 x 3.8 cm
External dimensions 50 x 33 x 23 cm
Capacity 30 L
Bag Weight 1.98 kgs
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty
This item is exclusively available through the EVERKI online store.
Customer Reviews
Top Reviews
  1. 100%
    The best made and designed laptop backpack I have ever purchased !!!



    Just received this backpack and it is the best made and designed laptop backpack I have ever purchased. I've tried multiple laptop bags over the last 20 years and this one stands well above the rest. Can't comment on longevity or the wear facture at this stage but all materials and construction look exemplary. I'm using to carry a brand new Lenovo P73 workstation....and the fit is excellent regarding width...with a touch tight on the height at the corners. Ergonomic and weight distribution fit superb.
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  2. 100%
    No other bag like it.



    This bag is perfect for business trips! I use mine all the time and I am never worried about my electronics being damaged inside while going from airport to airport. The bag has plenty of padded compartments and it also has lots of very cool features. I love the style of the bag and how lightweight it actually is. I highly recommend this bag! I'm obsessed with mine!
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  3. 100%
    A great backpack and even better customer service



    I previously owned the original concept backpack, and was very happy with it. Unfortunately, after four years of daily use and multiple trips around the globe, one of the shoulder straps came apart at the seams. Recalling Everki's extended warranty, a key reason for choosing the pack at the time of purchase, I decided to file a claim.

    I was not disappointed. The same day I filed the claim I received an initial response and within five days I had a new Concept 2 backpack delivered to my home. The entire process was uncomplicated, the support team (thanks Katherine) was friendly and went out of their way to assist me.

    Everki has got it right - price, design, usability, quality and customer service are what I expect from an upmarket premium product.
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  4. 100%
    Best backpack on the market, period!



    The Concept 2 backpack is a brilliant design and durable, exactly what I needed! I purchased the first Everki Concept (1) bag in 2013 after doing extensive research. For six years, I have had zero problems with the bag and love every aspect of it. So when they came out with the Concept 2, I wasn't really in the need for a new bag, but the upgrades had me intrigued.

    First, on what they both have, the designs are stylish and unique, standing out from other backpacks on the market. The various pockets and compartments allows me to carry everything I need for my trips into the office or on the road 33 weekends of the year as a PR rep for a NASCAR race car driver. Also, the airport friendly options (full zip down of the laptop compartment) makes it super easy through the airports. Additionally, sometimes in rains at these race tracks, and having the rain cover available at a moment’s notice has been extremely valuable to protect the bag and contents.

    The extra additions to the Concept 2 over the Concept 1 make a big difference for me in my travels! First, the slide-through on the back that allows the backpack to sit on top of my roller bag without falling is worth it’s weight in gold! Rather than always having the backpack on the back, heavy, while travelling, or sitting it on the ground taking up extra space while waiting for my plane, I can securely have it on my roller. Plus, moving through the airport is super easy this way!

    One other cool addition is the RFID blocker pocket, which I use to put my wallet and cell phone when going through the airport scanner. Other additions of pocket rearrangement from the 1 to the 2, and the zipper pocket expansion, make the upgrade worth it to me. The Concept 2 is now my primary bag as the Concept 1 has gone into a secondary usage bag.

    I highly suggest the Concept 2. As a long-time Everki user (since 2013), I highly suggest their products! Worth every penny, and then some!
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  5. 100%
    Perfect backpack



    I love this backpack, very spacious, comfortable and also elegant.
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Questions And Answers

QIs this bag waterproof?
AThis bag includes a rain cover for extended rain situations. The external materials also have a water-repellent coating to protect against splashes/spills.

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