Mochila Roll Top para Portátil, para portátiles de hasta 15,6 Pulgadas - Negro
El look cuidado y casual de la Mochila para Portátil ContemPRO Roll Top es la bolsa a elegir cuando quieres darle un toque de distinción a tu look de oficina. La abertura extra grande en la parte superior de la bolsa te permite meter artículos más grandes y voluminosos con facilidad, mientras que la parte superior mantiene todo en orden y luce un aspecto profesional.
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Roll Top ContemPRO
Roll Top ContemPRO

Roll Top ContemPRO

La Mochila para Portátil Roll Top

La Mochila para Portátil Roll Top de EVERKI es un rediseño elegante de un clásico favorito con un toque profesional. Pero no te dejes engañar por su aspecto refinado y relajado; esta bolsa está preparada para la oficina con espacios dedicados tanto para un portátil como una tablet. Y, como todas las bolsas EVERKI, hemos diseñado esta bolsa para que puedas tener todo lo que necesites a mano, como los bolsillos multifuncionales en los lados en los que puedes llevar tu botella de agua de forma segura, y el bolsillo de rápido acceso en la parte frontal para tu teléfono y cualquier otra cosa a la que necesites accesar fácilmente. También encontrarás múltiples ranuras, bolsillos y pequeños espacios para tener las cosas organizadas y a mano. Añade un toque interesante a tu look de oficina.

Roll Top ContemPRO

Bolsillos dedicados para portátil y tablet

Si sueles llevar tu portátil y tu tablet cuando te desplazas a la oficina cada día, la Mochila para Portátil Roll Top puede ser perfecta para ti. Hemos diseñado el compartimiento principal con un bolsillo dedicado para un portátil de hasta 15,6 pulgadas, junto con una ranura especial que es suficientemente grande para llevar una tablet grande. El bolsillo para portátil tiene un acolchado en el fondo, en la parte delantera y en la parte posterior para garantizar la protección de tus dispositivos de los golpes, y el bolsillo para la tablet también es acolchado para prevenir cualquier rasguño. Guarda tus dispositivos electrónicos cómodamente y con confianza en la Mochila para Portátil ContemPRO Roll Top.

Roll Top ContemPRO

Ventana personalizable

En cada área de tu vida, quieres poder expresar tu estilo, incluso con tu bolsa de trabajo; así que es exactamente para eso que hemos fabricado la serie ContemPRO. Como cada bolsa de la serie ContemPRO, la Mochila para Portátil ContemPRO Roll Top tiene una ventana personalizable en la parte frontal de la bolsa la cual se puede personalizar. La bolsa viene con un conjunto de imágenes; elige la imagen que más te guste o diseña tu propia imagen para que coincida con tu estilo personal. La ventana en la parte frontal de la bolsa te permitirá hacer lo que siempre haces: destacar entre la multitud.

Roll Top ContemPRO

Cómodo de llevar

La Mochila para Portátil Roll Top puede con todo. La abertura grande en la parte superior de la bolsa te permite llevar artículos más grandes y aparatosos de lo que sería posible llevar en una bolsa tradicional; mientras que el enorme compartimiento principal es lo suficientemente grande para llevar todo lo que necesites para la oficina o para un viaje de fin de semana. Y como tus hombros llevan la mayor parte del peso, hemos diseñado la mochila con tirantes acolchados y reactivos que se ajustan a los hombros, y un panel trasero moldeado para mayor circulación. Por eso, aunque lleves la mochila llena, podrás llevarla cómodamente.

Roll Top ContemPRO

Cinta trasera ajustable a la manija de la maleta

Cuando te encuentras viajando con muchos bolsos, la cinta para deslizar a través de la manija una maleta ubicada en la parte trasera de la Mochila para Portátil Roll Top te permite acortar tus esfuerzos. Simplemente desliza la mochila por el asa telescópica de tu equipaje de ruedas y estarás listo para poderte desplazar fácilmente por el aeropuerto.

Asa acolchada

A veces no es práctico llevar la mochila sobre la espalda. La Mochila para Portátil Roll Top está diseñada con un asa acolchada; ahora es fácil y cómodo llevar tu bolsa con una mano.

Roll Top ContemPRO

Roll Top ContemPRO

Cremalleras duraderas y tiradores de metal

¿Alguna vez has roto la cremallera en tu bolsa favorita? Nosotros sí. Es por eso que hemos diseñado la Mochila para Portátil Roll Top usando cremalleras duraderas y tiradores de metal. De esta manera tu bolsa favorita puede seguir siendo tu bolsa favorita.

Forro de alto contraste

Todos los interiores de EVERKI son elegantes, con un naranja de alto contraste porque sabemos lo frustrante que es dejar un compartimento sin cerrar por equivocación y lo difícil que es organizar todo en un fondo negro. Perspicaz y con estilo.

Roll Top ContemPRO

Roll Top ContemPRO


EVERKI hace productos de valor ya que valoramos nuestras relaciones. Cada producto EVERKI viene con nuestra Garantía Limitada de por Vida la cual cubre los defectos de fabricación durante toda la vida del producto. EVERKI. Te ofrecemos tranquilidad.

  • Dedicated pockets for 15.6-inch laptop and iPad/Pro/Kindle/tablet
  • Personalizable window
  • Spacious and well-organized
  • Multifunctional side pockets with water bottle loop
  • Comfortable and cooling molded back panel
  • Trolley handle pass-through
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  1. 100%
    As someone who totes on her back bags in differen...



    As someone who totes on her back bags in different shapes and sizes for 25 years, day in and day out, I know how important is that the bag in question has to be able to stand almost anything bar nuclear explosion and still protect its contents.

    I've gone on a hunt for a new one three weeks ago because my much loved, used and abused one finally filled in for a divorce, citing tearing apart at the seams, inner lining falling off thus not protecting the contents I've mercilessly upended into it to the extremes more often than not (heavy books - hey, I was a student at that time, alright? - sharp edges, bulky clothes, more books and fragile electronics that miraculously survived their little trips to wherever I needed them.). The old one served me faithfully for long ten years, so yeah, retirement wasn't an option, but inevitable certainty. It was almost a divine miracle that all the zips managed to remain in one piece still!

    Thus began two long weeks of searching the shops, both online and offline ones, and I don't know who was more frustrated - the clerks because they had to deal with my (unreasonable?) demands or I, who was at times mentally weeping at the state of the so-called bags worth of their - at times - exorbitant - prices. They always lacked something. Sometimes it was a safe pocket. Sometimes they were not water-proof. Sometimes it was that the side where a person's back touches the bag, was not reinforced. And to my horror, no reinforced bottoms! Or they had useful bits and bobs I would love to have, but they were attached to the whole which wasn't, even if I lowered my demands, acceptable to me.

    My attention was at first grabbed by another bag of yours - Everki Titan. I have to admit, my jaw just about dropped when I saw that behemoth, and when I saw just what that bag offered to the user, it was set as a measure stick for all the bags. So no wonder that many, many bags after it failed any comparations henceforth!

    However, the only beef I had with Titan was, that it was HUGE, and my height is only 5.4 feet. And seeing your promotional videos - thank you for including height of the models, very helpful, by the way- was that I. Was. A. Dwarf. Well. At least comparing to that Titan bag. Yeah, apt name. Very apt.

    Let's flash-forward to the Day B - so, Day of Buying. At first, the ContemPRO wasn't in my sight - I was used to the zipped models, so I looked at the zipped models. End of the story. But the zipped models had one big fail, and that was they needed - not necessarily so, but still - a rain cover. (I am a bit sad you don't include it with all the bags, really.). But then, something clicked, and I saw it in a new light. It was already waterproof, the design was a little bit unusual and yes, I would have to get used to a totally new layout (where the heck are my pens now!?), but why not?

    I admit I was more than a bit nervous (didn't help that delivery took its sweet time because of Mr. Easter Bunny), especially because I had no chance to test is live. It was a Hail Mary at its finest, no test drive/wear before taking it home, nothing. Yesterday, I've been in a sports shop and I saw a bag that completed almost all the requirements for a little less than half of the price tag of CONTEMPro bag. But I know the quality has its own perks, so I was confident in my buy.

    Today, the day I've finally got the bag home. And all I can say, love. Love at the first sight, touch, and my back definitely sang me praises when I transferred all the bits and bobs out of my recently divorced bag to my new Everki one. (For that matter, the divorced bag sang me praises, too. If only because I've relieved it of it's constant burden.... oh, for, like, forever.). I was afraid that the bag would look or feel bulky on my back, but it sat here, light and easy as you please.

    The bag has everything I wished for in a bag that will be with me from here on, day in and day out, for the longest possible time (Or at least until this one too, serves me divorce papers. But hopefully not for a long, long long time.).

    Yes, the price was higher than I expected to shell out for a new bag, but considering that you always deliver quality products, tailored to the needs of a regular everyday bag-toter (like me!), it's perfect, and I promise to like it, love it and hoard it away from my brother who will undoubtedly want it for his own.

    (He will just have to get over it and buy his own. This one is mine!)

    If I ever want another bag for my needs, I now know where to look.

    Thank you. Really.

    Gracias por tu opinión! Ya ha votado por esta opinión Lo sentimos, no hemos podido guardar su opinión. Por favor intente de nuevo
  2. 100%
    I bought this backpack when I received a new lapto...



    I bought this backpack when I received a new laptop from work. I've been living with it for about 2 weeks on my commute and really like it.

    I wasn't sure I'd like the roll-top style but it works well for me and there is plenty of storage. It's very comfortable even when fully loaded.

    It seems very well constructed, very happy with the purchase.
    Gracias por tu opinión! Ya ha votado por esta opinión Lo sentimos, no hemos podido guardar su opinión. Por favor intente de nuevo
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