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Laptop Schultertasche für Notebooks bis zu 14,1" (EKS620)
Egal ob Sie als Student, Führungskraft oder Vielreisender unterwegs sind, Urbanite kombiniert die volle Funktionalität einer Notebooktasche mit dem guten Aussehen einer Schultertasche. Ausgestattet mit der Check-in freundlichen Funktion und vielen praktischen Fächern können Sie mit Urbanite um die Welt fliegen oder sich bequem im Großstadt Dschungel bewegen.
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Urbanite wurde so konzipiert, dass sie eine große Menge an Utensilien transportieren kann, ohne dabei zu voluminös oder unförmig zu wirken. Diese moderne Tasche eignet sich hervorragend zum Tragen von Laptops oder für den Alltag. Beständiges, hochqualitatives Nylon, stylische Leder- und Metallakzente sowie jede Menge nützliche Fächer sorgen für das besondere Design der Urbanite, das sich von der Masse abhebt.

Das innovative Konzept der Urbanite erlaubt einen schnelleren Check-In und eine bequeme Gepäckkontrolle an Flughäfen, da sich die Tasche einfach um 180° aufklappen lässt, ohne das Notebook herausnehmen zu müssen. Während der Gepäckkontrolle bleiben bis zu 14,1‘‘ große Laptops sicher und fest in ihrem Fach, das extra gepolstert und mit weichem Fell ausgekleidet ist. So ist das Notebook optimal vor Stößen und Kratzern geschützt und Sie können mit einem sicheren Gefühl reisen. Auch das geräumige Hauptfach ist mit Fell ausgekleidet und somit ideal geeignet für iPad, Kindle, oder andere Tablet-PCs. Die schlanke, geschmackvoll designte Urbanite bietet darüber hinaus viele weitere Staumöglichkeiten. Sie werden überrascht sein, wie viel in diese Tasche passt!

Ein drittes Fach sorgt mit seinen offenen, mit Reißverschluss versehenen übersichtlichen Steckfächern sogar für noch mehr Stauraum und eine kleine Tasche unter der vorderen Verschlussklappe ermöglicht den schnellen und bequemen Zugriff auf Ordner, Reisedokumente oder Lesematerial. Sollten Sie noch mehr Platz benötigen, so bieten Ihnen zwei mit Klettverschluss ausgestattete Seitentaschen die Möglichkeit, kleinere Objekte wie Handy, Schlüssel, oder sogar Wasserflaschen dort zu verstauen, wo sie jederzeit leicht erreichbar sind. Everki rundet all diese Eigenschaften mit einer großen Klappe ab, die alle Fächer sicher abdeckt und mit einem Klettverschluss und Schnellverschlüssen verschlossen wird. Sie enthält zudem ein Reißverschlussfach für Visitenkarten, Ausweis, MP3 Player, oder sonstige Dinge, die in beruflichen und privaten Alltagssituationen schnell verstaut und zu erreichen sein müssen.

Wie bei Everki üblich, erhalten Sie mit dem Kauf einer Urbanite eine limitierte lebenslange Garantie auf Material-/ Herstellungsfehler und erstklassigen Kundenservice.





Everki Lebenslanger Garantieschutz
30 jähriger Schutz bei Material- und Herstellungsfehlern
Wenn Sie ein Produkt aus der Everki-Familie besitzen können Sie völlig sorglos sein, falls Material-oder Herstellungsfehler außerhalb der gesetzlichen Garantiezeit auftreten – Everkis limitierte 30-Jahres-Garantie schützt Ihr Produkt über eine lange Zeit.
Quick stash front pockets
Schnellversteck-Klappe mit Reißverschluss

Eine kleine, mit Reißverschluss ausgestattete Tasche an der Verschlussklappe der Urbanite bietet zusätzlichen Stauraum für Schlüssel, Geldbörse, Mobiltelefon oder anderen Gegenstände, die auf Ihren Reisen schnell zur Hand sein müssen.
Speed release buckles
Frontriemen mit Schnellspannverschlüssen

Verschlüsse und Riemen auf der Vorderklappe dienen als Sicherheitsmaßnahme und bieten gleichzeitig eine Unterstützung, wenn die Tasche voll bepackt ist. Beladen Sie einfach Ihre Tasche, lockern oder spannen Sie die Riemen bis zur gewünschten Länge und befestigen Sie sie mit den diskreten Easy-Clip Verschlüssen, um den Tascheninhalt sicher zu verwahren.
Large metal zippers and zipper pulls
Stabile große Reißverschlüsse und lange Metallschieber

Verstärkte und große 10er Reißverschlüsse sind das Markenzeichen der Urbanite und bei vergleichbaren Produkten selten zu finden. Die Schieber sind aus massivem Metall und liegen gut in der Hand. Spezielle Ösen ermöglichen das Anbringen eines Schlosses und bieten somit zusätzlichen Schutz für Ihr Notebookfach.
Model EKS620
UPC Code 874933002079
Passend für Notebooks bis 14.1 in (35,81 cm)/MacBook Pro
Laptop-Fach 10 x 1.5 x 13.4 in(25.5 x 3.7 x 34 cm)
Außenmaße 11.9 x 6.7 x 15.8 in(30 x 17 x 40 cm)
Volumen 20 L
Sackgewicht 2.79 lbs (1.27 kg)
Garantie 30 Jahre Garantie auf Material- und Herstellungsfehler
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I own 2 Everki bags so far. Though I wasn't happy with my first bag because of functionality reasons the build quality was so good that I decided to give them another try. I purchased the Urbanite and had it for about 6 months and I must say not a single disappointment.

This bag has just the right amount of compartments and unlike the Beacon bag it can actually hold everything that it advertises. The ability for a bag to carry your valuables is expected when purchasing a bag but what sets Everki apart from other companies is the quality of the materials used. This is a true story that happened to me last week that will I think express the impressiveness of the bag:

I got into a fight with my fiance which resulted in her giving me back the engagement ring and $6000 dollars cash that I had in her account. Both along with my other typical techie goods were placed into the Urbanite bag and the bag was placed on the floor of the passenger seat of the car. You think the story is bad so far keep reading. I lost control of the car and ended up flipping it and getting my left arm injured in the process. With the car upside down I exited the vehicle by crawling out a broken window. Not thinking of the items inside or even shutting the car off the car ignited into flames while I was trying to get help. Needless to say I was horrified watching the car go up in flames with that bag inside. It took everything for me to not try to retrieve my bag and wait for the fire department. When they came and finally put out the fire I asked them to please see if they could recover the bag. They assured me that nothing would of survived the fire and stated to consider anything in that car a loss. I explained that I had a wedding ring in there so they attempted to look again. They came back with my ring in the box and told me that the bag was melted to the door panel and that was all that could be recovered from it. Any and all papers in the bag would be toast. I requested again that they please bring me the bag which took some effort but they removed the bag from the door and brought it to me. The zippers still worked and could be opened enough to reach inside. I was happily surprised to find that all the contents in my bag was unharmed so I got my money and all my electronics in working order.

No body that was there could believe it, some people were saying it was a miracle. What I tell people (especially those people who questioned why I would spend $100+ on a bag) you get what you pay for and if you want quality you pay for quality... and Everki is quality.

Thank you for making such an amazing bag, I plan on going to buy 3 of these bags once I am fully recovered to replace my melted one and to give 2 away as gifts to my brother and father (some of the people who questioned why I would spend $100+ on a bag).

PS: I got pictures to prove it... LOL, oh and for those who were wondering me and my girl made up ; )
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By Damian H. from United States
This is the best messenger bag I have ever owned! I am incredibly picky when it comes to online shopping. Buying this bag was the end result of three weeks of online shopping, reading reviews, and basically driving my girlfriend crazy with my unwillingness to "just pick one." As a grad student I have to make sure that my bag can carry my laptop, books, folders, iPad, and the plethora of other items that I always seem to have to carry around. THIS ONE DOES IT IN SPADES! I love the vertical orientation, the bag is incredibly sturdy, and is even more spacious than it seemed in the video. Also, even if you load it to the brim it never seems bulky; it manages to stay slim and is never really in the way.

I would recommend this bag to anyone!
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By David C. from United States
Just received this messenger bag and all I can say is WOW! You created the bag I've been dreaming about. This is perfect for my 13" MacBook Pro as well as the other accessories and my iPad Mini. The quality of construction is quite impressive as well. This bag feels substantial but not heavy like my Victronix backpack which is rather heavy even when empty.

I have spent most of my professional career traveling, both domestic and international. Throughout my career I've only had a couple of bags I REALLY liked. This bag blows them away.

I am also quite impressed with the overall look. The only reason I giving it 4 stars is because I don't know how well it will hold up over time. Otherwise, kudos to you and your design staff for a truly wonderful, well thought out bag.

I have put all of my travel electronics as well as my DSLR in this bag and I still have room for additional items and the bag is still sleek! The arrangement of the various pockets and compartments are ideal for all the accessories with easy access.

While I thought, at first, this bag was a little expensive, it is clear that it is well worth the asking price. Well done Everki!
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By Wallace M. from United States
I bought this bag because the model is good, have many compartment and easy to carry.

its worth to bought it

Danny - Jakarta
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By Danny N. from Indonesia
I am writing this review now coming up on 2 years since I bought the Everki Urbanite bag.

I bought the bag just before an international trip to replace a trusted and tried, but unfortunately broken messenger style laptop bag.

Almost two years in and the bag remains looking nearly like new. It's traveled over 150,000 miles with me across the globe and has been an amazing bag for a few basic reasons:
1. Airport and checkpoint friendly
2. Simple but thoughtful organization
3. Can carry more than it appears, but also excellent lightly packed
4. Useable but 'hideable' shoulder strap that doesn't get in the way

I highly recommend this bag to anyone looking for a sturdy, simple, and yet stylish business/laptop bag that can go anywhere and has great utility. It's definitely worth every penny.
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By Alex H. from United States
I bought an Urbanite 2+ years ago. The quality of the bag is excellent. It is the best quality bag I've owned. After two or so years the shoulder strap was breaking down so I submitted a support request. The version of Urbanite I had was designed with a strap that could not be removed (the new version has been redesigned so the strap can be removed/replaced). I sent in some requested pictures and working with Daniel O. at Everki. Daniel determined the bag needed to be replaced with the new strap design. I was pleasantly surprised how Everki supported me and backed their product. I had a new Urbanite, at no cost, in just a few days.

I will say this based on my experience. Everki loves and back their products. The products are of high quality (I travel over 150K miles/year). The Urbanite is a tough bag made to take a lot of travel wear and tear. Well done, Everki. You've made a customer for life.
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By Doug A. from United States
This is my second Everki bag (the other is a Versa).
Both are well-made... far better than the average. Both also offer a variety of well-appointed storage (in other words a pocket or compartment for everything you need).
I do have to question Everki's claim that the Urbanite will hold a 15 MacBook Pro (I chose this bag because it's one of the smallest bags that claims to hold such a laptop).
Whilst, technically, it will fit a 15 MacBook Pro it is very tight and you have to pull the zippers around the corner of the laptop very tightly... my concern is that it will, eventually, damage the corners of the laptop.
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By David G. from Australia
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