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Notebook-Schultertasche bis 18.4" (EKB417BK18)
Lunar überzeugt durch ihr unaufdringliches Design und praktische Aufteilung. So ist Ihr Notebook plus Zubehör immer bestens geschützt und gleichzeitig professionell organisiert. Dabei haben Sie alles immer schnell griffbereit - ohne lange Suche.
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Lunar ist die Notebooktasche, die Sie täglich von Zuhause ins Büro oder auf kurzen Geschäftsreisen begleitet und einfach alles transportieren kann. Die schlanke Tasche verfügt über ein gut gepolstertes und mit einem Reißverschluss geschütztes Hauptfach für Notebooks bis 18,4‘‘. Eine Vordertasche mit vielen Fächern und Abteilungen sowie auf der Rückseite befindliche Fächer können durch einen Klettverschluss geschlossen werden.

Lunar Laptop Bag - BriefcaseLunar hat ein spezielles Notebookfach, das beidseitig und an den Reißverschlüssen durch ein weiches Polstermaterial geschützt wird, um Schläge und Stöße optimal abzuwehren. 

Das von einem Reißverschluss gehaltene, große Vorderfach lässt sich weit öffnen. So haben Sie schnellen Zugriff auf die kleinen Fächer und Taschen, in denen sie Utensilien wie zum Beispiel Stifte, Visitenkarten, Taschenrechner oder das Mobiltelefon sicher unterbringen können. Reißverschlüsse sichern schwere und wichtige Dinge, beispielsweise die Geldbörse oder Reisedokumente, vor dem Herausfallen.

Damit die Tasche auch auf längeren Wegen komfortabel getragen werden kann, wurde der Schultergurt mit einem ergonomisch geformten und rutschfesten, leicht gummierten Polster versehen. Je nach Körpergröße kann der Gurt in der Länge angepasst werden und garantiert somit, dass das Gewicht der vollen Tasche ideal verteilt wird.

Lunar ist aber nicht nur leicht und praktisch, die Tasche glänzt darüber hinaus mit einer sehr hohen Verarbeitungsqualität, die ihr letztendlich einen besonderen Stil verleiht.

Das Außenmaterial und die Tragegurte bestehen aus wasserabweisendem, robustem Nylon. Für den Schultergurt sowie die Tragegriffe wurde nur hochwertiges Leder verwendet, die extragroßen Schieber der Reißverschlüsse sind besonders stabil und sorgen zusammen mit dem reflektierenden Everki-Logo für den besonderen Look der Lunar. Wenn Sie also auf der Suche nach einer Notebooktasche sind, die praktisch und stylisch zugleich ist, dann haben Sie mit der Lunar genau das richtige Produkt gefunden.

Wie bei Everki üblich, erhalten Sie mit dem Kauf einer Lunar eine limitierte lebenslange Taschengarantie und erstklassigen Kundenservice.

Besonders geeignet für Asus G73/G74/G75 Serien, Dell Alienware M18x und viele andere vergleichbar große Notebooks.






Everki Lebenslanger Garantieschutz
30 jähriger Schutz bei Material- und Herstellungsfehlern
Wenn Sie ein Produkt aus der Everki-Familie besitzen können Sie völlig sorglos sein, falls Material-oder Herstellungsfehler außerhalb der gesetzlichen Garantiezeit auftreten – Everkis limitierte 30-Jahres-Garantie schützt Ihr Produkt über eine lange Zeit.
Soft fur lining
Augenmerk auf das Notebookfach
Notebooks sind teuer und die Daten der Geräte ebenso. Deshalb bietet Ihnen Lunar ein extra gut gepolstertes Notebookfach. Weiche Fell-Materialien und gut verarbeitete Schaumpolsterungen schützen die Geräte vor harten Stößen und Erschütterungen. Dabei spielt es keine Rolle, wie schwer das Notebook ist. An allen inneren Ecken und Kanten sowie an den Reißverschlüssen wurden zusätzliche Schutzpolsterungen angebracht. Ein flexibler Gurt mit Klettverschluss fixiert das Notebook und verhindert ein Herausfallen.
Large Metal Zippers
Stabile große Reißverschlüsse und lange Metallschieber
Verstärkte und große 10er Reißverschlüsse sind das Markenzeichen der Lunar und bei vergleichbaren Produkten selten zu finden. Die Schieber sind aus massivem Metall und liegen gut in der Hand. Spezielle Ösen ermöglichen das Anbringen eines Schlosses und bieten somit zusätzlichen Schutz für Ihr Notebookfach.
Water Repellant Nylon Material
Wasserabweisende Außenhaut aus Nylon
Für Everki ist es das Wichtigste, Ihnen eine sichere und qualitativ hochwertige Notebooktasche zu liefern. Deshalb wird Lunar mit einer extrem reißfesten und wasserabweisenden, schweren Nylonschutzhülle produziert. So wird vermieden, dass Flüssigkeiten Ihr Notebook oder andere Gegenstände schädigen. Sollte die Tasche einmal mit Flüssigkeit in Berührung kommen, kann man diese einfach abwischen. Das Material hält dicht. Sicher ist sicher.
Model EKB417BK18
UPC Code 874933002048
Passend für Notebooks bis 18.4 in (46,74 cm)
Laptop-Fach 17.3 x 2 x 12.8 in (44 x 5 x 32.5 cm)
Außenmaße 19 x 3.5 x 14.5 in (47.5 x 8 x 36 cm)
Volumen 19 L
Sackgewicht 2.56 lbs (1.16 kg)
Garantie 30 Jahre Garantie auf Material- und Herstellungsfehler
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I got an ASUS G73 for many reasons but finding a bag to compliment, much less fit the beast, was a challenge. I use the laptop for school, work and gaming when I have the spare time so it was important to be able to fit a few accessories as well. The Lunar 18.4" Laptop Bag fits the bill better than I could have hoped it would. The G73 is a massive laptop for it's class, but slides in here with an inch to spare on all sides. The deceivingly large bag also holds a myriad of items in the front and rear pockets. I have a few hundred pages of work documents in the rear pocket, and items ranging from serial and USB cables and a 40ft. ethernet cable, to a TI-89 calculator, the power adapter for a G73 (which is huge), pens and a small writing notebook in the front pocket. Everything has a place to go which keeps your things from getting jumbled and disorganized. With all this inside it still does not look overfilled and carries nicely. The construction is robust and the design is stylish. Combining form with function is something that always intrigues an engineering student, and they've done a great job intriguing me. I would recommend this bag to anyone who wants a great carrying case for their laptop and accessories in a good looking package with even better functionality. Thanks Everki!
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By Kale S. from United States
I struggled to find a bag for my Asus G750JS and was delighted when I came across this bag. I received it yesterday and am extremely pleased with the overall quality and design. Even after packing all of my accessories, it is hardly bulky and the felt lining is great for the laptop.

While I did find the web site quite easy to use for ordering online, I did experience a negative aspect with the service delivery of the product which had the unfortunate consequence of marring the overall purchasing experience. I live in Australia and Everki uses Couriers Please which I DO NOT recommend. The courier failed to meet their service level agreement after the goods had been loaded for delivery and were sitting on the truck for 3.5 days with a driver who only services one area. I won't go into much detail here, but I was also alarmed when I discovered a products review site for this company with ~680 customer reviews, all with horror stories and an overall rating of 1.4 out of 5 stars! That is not a good record for a business.

I purchase many products online and am accustomed to receiving deliveries from couriers, however this was the most appalling service delivery I have ever experienced. I would hope that Everki considers using another courier service in Australia for their customers. Even Australia Post would be far more reliable, trustworthy and efficient.
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By Kalli K. from Australia
Wow I'm the second to review this product! That's probably because I found it before it was even out because I liked the look of it so much and got one sent to me as soon as they were able, and suffice it to say I'm not disappointed!
I use my Alienware laptop for gaming but I also do a lot of business with it and take it around to different appointments, so whatever I carry it in has to look sharp and professional and this bag has both of those in spades. Because my laptop is an Alienware, it is gigantic and heavy so I needed a bag that could hold the weight and be big enough and this is one of the only bags that fit 18.4" laptops that looked very professional, is of great quality, and didn't cost an arm and a leg. In addition it has lots of internal pockets for pens and everything I need to bring with me to appointments.
I give this bag 5 stars, but I also give the company 5 stars. They were very quick and friendly with returning emails when I was interested in the bag before it was released and they Fedexed me the bag as soon as it was available and even followed up with me to make sure I liked it. Great bag, great company!
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By Drew B. from United States
I have had a hard time finding a bag to fit my new Asus G73Sw laptop. This bag fits it with room to spare and it will hold all of my accessories as well. The bag is well constructed and well thought out. When all packed it looks great and carries nicely. I am thrilled with this bag.
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By Ellen A. from United States
Bought this laptop a about 18 months ago for my Asus ROG G750. It's the first Everki product I have owned, so I had no expectations going in. Bags for large (>18") laptops are rare, so I didn't have many choices, but I made the right one.

The bag is pretty rugged and held up to daily use, repelling water and the occasional coffee spill. Eventually, I had an issue with the stitching (though the bag's integrity remained intact), and contacted Everki about it. After a very painless warranty process, Andrea from customer support got a new bag to me *3 days* after I submitted the required information.

It's easy to write a positive review when a product works perfectly. But when an issue arises, that's when the true measure of a company can be determined. Having gone through the process, I can say that Everki actually stands behind its products and cares about its customers. I will not be buying laptop bags from anyone else in the future.
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By from United States
Never thought I would actually be excited about a laptop bag. This thing is wonderful. I can fit what seems like an infinite number of items in this thing and it doesn't even seem to change in size. VERY well constructed and comfortable. Also protects its contents against just about any reasonable threat. Somehow it does all this with a professional and stylish design. Great job, guys!
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By from United States
had about 14 months , great bag just the right size, interior and exterior are holding up quite well. very easy to organize well. price is ok.
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By Ni P. from United States
I have used this bag for the last 5 years, been with me in all my travels throughout the world. I used the bag carrying my G73SW laptop, the fit is perfect, then since last year I change to a G751JY laptop.

Aside from a small tear from the wear on the side of my bag, bag still looks good . Definitely a recommended buy.
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By Rodney T. from Philippines
I've had one of these bags for about three years and had absolutely no issues with it at all, in fact I would say that looking at most of the bags we get for our customer use laptops, the Everki brand is just head and shoulders above any that I have seen or used.

I use this bag daily and it has never let me down, that was until I noticed the handle stitching just started to fail on me.
Remembering the Lifetime warranty I contacted customer support regarding this via the Everki website.

Possibly within hours of my submission I received a nice email from Paul in the support team advising me what I should do.
As I could not follow the instructions at that very moment there was even a pause whilst a holiday for me was involved, once I was back the bag was swapped in the most amenable manner I have ever had with a customer support team.

New bag is up and running, it even made me clear out some of my old stuff I no longer used.

I would just like to thank the customer support staff for their handling of the swap, and if any one every asked I wouldn't hesitate in recommending any Everki bag, even though I have only used the Lunar.

York UK
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By Steve S. from United Kingdom
I had trouble finding a suitable laptop bag for my rather bulky MSI GT72S (17.3"). This fits the bill brilliantly. Even though Im not a big fan of sleeve type laptop compartments, this seems to work just fine! Lots of other compartments and pockets to carry other needed stuff including a nice power brick zip in. One of the best standard type laptops bags I've had to date! Feels sturdy enough for work prolonged work trips as well!
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By Jan T. from Finland
I just received this bag yesterday and I have to say, it's an awesome bag! The material and quality of the bag is top-notch and fits all my needs. I have an Asus G73SW and it fits perfectly! I highly recommend this bag to anyone!
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By Jerry H. from United States
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