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Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack, 13” to 17.3" Adaptable Compartment (EKP121)
Meet the business traveler’s best friend. This sleek and cleverly streamlined backpack offers all the space and organization you need to enjoy life on the road, and features an innovative laptop pocket that adjusts to firmly secure a range of sizes, safe and sound.
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If traveling for business is your thing, then this laptop bag is the ideal companion. From its subtly stylish, handsome exterior to its thoughtfully-organized interior, the Atlas backpack is designed to meet the expectations of even the most serious traveling professional. In addition to featuring a Checkpoint Friendly design that makes passing through airport security a breeze, this bag also debuts Everki’s innovative adjustable laptop slot - three separate panels that allow the user to set his or her desired size and secure using sturdy Velcro strips. This pocket holds a 13” Ultrabook just as snugly, safely, and easily as it does a 17.3” laptop, making the Atlas a versatile backpack suitable for any situation.

Atlas Business Laptop BackpackLike many of Everki’s bags, the Atlas comes equipped with a multitude of useful, highly-functional features, including a felt-lined iPad/Kindle/tablet pocket, a trolley handle pass-through slot, and a convenient newspaper/magazine pocket, to name just a few. Combine these with lightweight construction, durable, high-quality zippers, numerous well-organized compartments and slots, a key ring buckle, high-contrast orange lining, and lots of leftover interior space, and you’ve got everything you can possibly ask for in a laptop bag.

A quick look through the Atlas reveals that Everki created this bag with organization in mind, with a dedicated spot for virtually everything the traveler needs to bring along for the ride – headphones, peripherals, files and documents, water bottle, and plenty more. What’s more, its soft lumbar pad and ergonomic five-point balance strap system properly distribute weight to ensure that the wearer is comfortable, even when the bag is fully loaded.

Whether you are flying across the country for a meeting or conference or simply commuting to work, this versatile bag maximizes space and comfort while it minimizes bulk and eliminates hassle.

Does NOT fit Asus G73/G74/G75 Series, and Dell Alienware M18x notebooks. Please see our 18.4" laptop bags.





Everki Lifetime Warranty
Lifetime Warranty Protection
You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that with any product in the Everki family, you never have to worry about discovering a flaw or defect after the end of the warranty period. Everki’s Limited Lifetime Warranty protects your purchase against manufacturing defects over the entire life of the product.
Multi-Functional Side Pockets with Water Bottle Loop
Multi-Functional Side Pockets with Water Bottle Loop
Side pockets can present a burden and take away from a bag’s aesthetic when designed incorrectly. The Atlas’s zippered side compartments maintain this bag’s flow and provide a perfect place to store small go-to items like your adapter/charger, or even secure a water bottle using a convenient elastic loop.
Everki Soft Lumbar Pad
Soft Lumbar Pad
The Atlas goes the extra mile to keep its wearer comfortable, even while in constant motion. Everki outfitted this backpack with soft mesh lumbar padding that cushions the user where he or she needs it most and takes the edge off of even the most challenging commute.
Atlas Easy-Adjust Strap Management System
Easy-Adjust Strap Management System
Dangling straps are a hassle and can dull a bag’s professional edge. The Atlas features a discrete slider at the end of each shoulder strap that prevents messy dangling and keeps everything neat and tidy, so you can be sure to always look your best when you walk into the boardroom.
Atlas Large Zippers and Metal Zipper Pulls
Large Zippers and Metal Zipper Pulls
The Atlas’s size 10 zippers are larger and more durable than the hardware found on most other bags in its class. This backpack’s strong, all-metal Everki zipper pulls are built to last and feature lock holes to help you protect your valuables while you are on the go.
Atlas High-Contrast Lining
High-Contrast Lining
With Everki, form and function are not mutually exclusive. In addition to a range of convenient pockets and slots that ensure contents stay in their designated places, the Atlas features a high-contrast orange lining that fits in with the bag’s overall theme and makes items easy to find under any lighting condition.
Model EKP121
UPC code 874933002246
Fits laptops up to 17.3 in (43, 94 cm)
Laptop compartment 11 x 1.5 x 16.5 in (28 x 3.81 x 41.9 cm)
External dimensions 13.4 x 9.1 x 18.8 in (34 × 23 x 47.8 cm)
Bag weight 3.79 lbs (1.72kg)
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty
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This was large purchase for me, and the most I have ever spent on a backpack, and I DO NOT regret the purchase! My husband convinced me to purchase a high quality backpack, so after 6 months+ of research to find the best backpack on the market, I found Everki was the best, and the Atlas fit my needs perfectly. I commute to work by train everyday and my Everki Atlas has been a GREAT friend to me. I was previously using a very old backpack and it was making my lower back hurt, after the first day of using my new Everki backpack my back felt better, and after a week I had no pain at ALL. If you are considering a new backpack, this one or any of the Everki backpacks would be awsome. If the price is holding you back don't let it, as you can see Everki has a lifetime warranty on all their backpacks, when you choose your Everki backpack, you are choosing outstanding quality and customer service, once you have used an Everki backpack, you will never go back to another brand!! I love my Everki backpack and would not trade it for the world!!!
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By Tamara C. from United States
Upgraded from the Everki Beacon because I wanted more compartments to organize everything I use. I have been using this bag for about 7 months and its an amazing bag! Everki's lifetime warranty is the reason why I chose another everki bag! Excellent customer service in the warranty department. This bag is great for college/university students who like to carry around their laptops and tablets. It has every pocket for every item you carry. Plus the water proofing is a huge bonus. Great job in making such an excellent product! I will be using this bag for years.
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By Kien D. from Canada
i've just bought this bag 2 days ago. It's really good quality material. i bring many gadgets, laptop and stuff. so many compartments. And this bag is durable. So far i feel satisfied.
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By Nicko F. from Indonesia
Chiamarlo zaino, una volta tenuto in mano, può sembrare riduttivo. Appena lo si guarda da subito l'idea di sicurezza ed al tatto si nota subito la robustezza e l'ottima fattura. Non si sono risparmiati in niente: l'organizzazione delle tasche la ritengo essenziale e a quanto pare è uno dei loro innumerevoli punti forti. Il gancino per le chiavi è semplice e funzionale, tanto da poter attaccare e staccare le stesse con una sola mano. La tasca per il notebook è abbastanza imbottita da poter appoggiarlo in terra senza quell'attenzione che con altri zaini invece è doverosa. Potrei star qui ad elogiare molte altre caratteristiche tipo le tasche fatte in modo da poter vedere cosa c'è dentro senza aprirle, ma lascio a voi il piacere di scoprirne l'utilità giorno per giorno. Che altro dire?! Sono completamente soddisfatto dell'acquisto di questo ottimo prodotto; non a caso scrivendo "miglior zaino per notebook" su Google, nelle immagini, tra i primi risultati, compaiono gli zaini Everki.
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By Matias C. from Italy
I have owned this bag for just about one year. It is one of the best business packs I have ever carried. I finally switched from a Tumi shoulder style bag I carried for 15 years (2 bags exact same during that time.) This bag is sturdy and extremely well built...only flaw is a hole in a main part of the bag that was very small when I first received it - might be where a tag was inserted with a plastic fastener but has gotten bigger over time as it is in a stress point. I was initially concerned that it would not hold enough...I almost returned it before packing it up for the first time. It holds FAR MORE than the Tumis I previously used. I now travel with a tablet, MacBook Air, HP Laptop, two cell phones, accessories and personal items. Only thing I don't like is that -- like any backpack style bag -- it doesn't carry files or paper well. Those items are awkwardly fitted in where possible and usually get abused by the other items in the bag. Overall this bag holds a LOT and I am glad I switched. I will be surprised if it lasts 5-7 years like the Tumis did, but would definitely recommend this as a day-to-day business pack with a large capacity for someone who wants a backpack style bag.
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By Brian B. from United States
I have just bought the Atlas 1 week ago. I have used it during my business trip, and all my laptop, gadgets & files neatly arranged therein. It is very helpful and trendy.
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By Syafrizal L. from Indonesia
Top quality laptop bag chocked full of thoughtful functionality.

Chose this bag after consulting with their customer service pro. Helpful, friendly and flexible.

The bag itself is mid-sized, slightly larger than the Versa, and made with high quality materials. I can tell that the team that designed this had a business professional or student squarely in mind. I appreciate the quality and thoughtful details.
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By lansing c. from United States
This is a great product. Well made and durable. This is a VERY minor issue, it would be nice to have more than two pen/pencil holders. Having a total of 4-5 pencil/pen holders with a closed bottoms on it would make this a perfect business travel backpack.
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By Lowell S. from United States
I have accumulated many laptop bags and this Atlas is very good. A little tight for a 17.3 laptop, but fits in snug. I do travel a good amount and the features are spot on. I might suggest just three possible adjustments to the bag.

One, a shallow storm flap that discretely is out of the way unless you need it over the newspaper/magazine area if the rain comes up.

Two, tasteful side compression straps to compress the bag when you don't have a full load and you want to make the bag and contents more stable.

Three, pen and business card pocket in the front flap. When loaded the middle area isn't as accessable as the front area.

Other thoughts:
The side pocket for a water bottle is limited to smaller bottles but that keeps the profile sleek.

RFID protection for the front pocket.

A discreet rain cover over the length of the coil zippers helps keep out the elements

A inner sleeve pocket in the magazine area sized for boarding passes. Keeps boarding passes from falling out when you pull out your newspaper or magazine.

In the meantime, I'll see if there is a rain cover for downpour situations and can figure out a way to control shifting load.

You have a great bag already. Perhaps these ideas may help the innovation and organization of the bag. I'll watch for these features in the future.

Regards, RVN
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By Richard N. from United States
As a mechanical engineer I travel to and work in a wide variety of site conditions. This bag has taken a constant beating during the seven months I have owned it and so far I have not one issue with this bag. This bag is durable, lets me pack a large amount of gear and it looks great. Perfect for airline travel. First trip I took with this bag was a two week cruise ship dry dock rehab in Spain. This bag was a lifesaver. I had no issues with flight security check points. My bag fit in all the plane bins, even on the smaller European flights. Bag is adjustable, comfortable and offers good protection of my laptop, kindle, phone, etc. while providing plenty of pockets for my other "stuff". This backpack is well crafted from good quality materials. Buy it and you will not be disappointed. Dell Latitude 17".
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By Daniel S. from United States
I have owned the Atlas for about 4 months now. For my job I travel quite a bit to different schools presenting about Career Technical Education. I pack a 13" laptop, a couple 100 flyers, a couple 100 brochures, iPad, Apple TV, cords, Nalgene water bottle, and other accessories. All of it fits very nicely and there seems to be plenty of space for cords, pens, and extras. The pockets aren't specifically set up for AV cards, etc. but that does not seem to be a problem. The Nalgene bottle does not fit on the side of the pack but I can fit my coffee container on the side and I don't worry about it spilling. The sunglass area is a nice addition. I put breakfast bars and candy there. My 13" laptop fits just fine and is seems secure. However, I would not want to drop the pack from a high distance as there isn't a lot of padding underneath it. The pack appears very well made, solid, and while it is a bigger bag (fits up to a 17" laptop) I feel comfortable wearing it while I am wearing a tie. It looks nice and I do not feel out of place wearing it to meetings, etc. The bag feels bigger because it is taller. Not sure how it relates to the Concept in terms of size. I have only one poor complaint. I am 6'2" and can not cinch up the pack to fit tight up on my shoulders. It rides low and rubs on my belt, which can be a little uncomfortable. That is the only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. Other than that I love the pack and will use it for many years.
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By Ron W. from United States
I was concerned about buying a back pack over the internet without actually having it in my hand. Now that I have the bag all my concerns have evaporated. The back pack is very well made with the finest materials. The compartments and access are very well thought out and must have been designed by a user! Actually this is the best bag for me that I have every seen and I looked a lot.
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By Stephen L. from United States
I recently bought as Atlas. I was concerned as to which backpack to buy because I travel for boat deliveries carrying a Tough Book lap top which is thicker than an average lap top. I also have several other navigation and communication devices. Andrea at customer service went out of her way by mocking up my lap top with wooden blocks, inserting them into the various back packs I was considering, photographed them, then emailed me the photos. Because of this I was able to purchase the right one with confidence. I haven't dealt with customer service this good in a vey long time. I look forward to using my new bag soon. D Berg, New Zealand
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By David B. from United States
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