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Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack, fits up to 18.4" (EKP120)
Your bag should meet your device’s expectations. Today’s high-end gaming and multimedia devices will feel well-represented, secure, and comfortable in this sharp, smartly-designed and spacious backpack.
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If you are looking for a bag big enough to fit a full-sized laptop along with everything else you’ll need on your journeys, look no further than the Everki Titan. The Titan is the behemoth of laptop bags, designed with a ton of unique features and accents that set it apart from the crowd. Everki constructed this bag using high-quality materials that offer your expensive equipment ample protection without sacrificing visual appeal and a surplus of useful pockets leave the Titan well-suited to satisfy even the most organized traveler.

Titan Checkpoint Friendly Laptop BackpackThe Titan stores laptops up to 18.4” in a softly padded and felt-lined compartment that opens a full 180 degrees for easy access and allows you to breeze through airport security checkpoints without having to remove your device. Even with a full load, the Titan keeps your back and shoulders comfortable with soft padding and deep airflow channels that work to improve circulation, and the bag helps to maintain balance with its 5-point balance strap system and fully adjustable chest strap.

In addition to its laptop compartment, the Titan features a spacious main storage area with large, zippered pockets, dividers to separate peripherals from files and documents, and a soft, felt-lined pocket appropriately sized for your iPad, Kindle, or other Tablet PC. Another compartment at the front of the bag offers the Titan's proud owner plenty of slots to store business cards, writing utensils, or any other necessary gadgets or accessories, as well as a pocket to stash the Titan's included weather cover. Users of the Titan will enjoy the convenience of an additional small stowaway pocket, built into its durable nylon exterior that blends in with the bag's sleek design. Everki outfitted this pocket with a soft, scratch-free lining to help you keep your portable media player or mobile phone safe and sound. A cable outlet lets you set your desired length of cord to reduce slack and eliminate the threats of tangling and breakage, and works double-duty to prevent dust or rain from sneaking in.

To top it all off, the Titan comes with a removable accessories pouch to aid organization, as well as a water-resistant weather cover to protect your gear from the elements. Keeping your valuables safe is a full-time job, and Everki goes the extra mile to protect its products and their owners with the company’s Limited Lifetime Warranty and world-class customer service.

Fits Asus G73/G74/G75 Series, Dell Alienware M18x and many other large notebooks.





Everki Lifetime Warranty
Lifetime Warranty Protection
You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that with any product in the Everki family, you never have to worry about discovering a flaw or defect after the end of the warranty period. Everki’s Limited Lifetime Warranty protects your purchase against manufacturing defects over the entire life of the product.
Accessories pouch
Accessories Pouch
With a bag this spacious, organization is essential. The Titan’s included accessories pouch comes in handy when you need to keep your laptop power brick, various cables or any other small items organized separately from the rest of your documents, books, and equipment.
Quick access front pocket
Front Elastic Quick-Stash Pocket
As if you needed more space, The Titan sports a discrete and convenient front elastic quick-stash pocket, perfect for mints, mobile phone, plane ticket, or any other small items you may want to quickly store and retrieve. A designer buckle and strap system helps secure the pocket’s content.
Multi-function straps
Multi-Function Mini-Straps
Convenient mini-straps on the front of the Titan’s shoulder straps allow you to temporarily store and retrieve items like sunglasses and ear buds quickly and easily when you are at the cash register or on your way through check-in at the airport, making for a smooth transaction without added hassle.
Everki Titan Speed Release Buckles
Front Straps with Speed-Release Buckles
Front buckles and straps provide additional support when the Titan is fully loaded. Simply load up the backpack, loosen or tighten the straps to the appropriate lengths and then snap them into place using discrete easy-clip buckles to firmly secure the bag’s contents.
Big metal zippers and zipper pulls
Large Zippers and Metal Zipper Pulls
The Titan’s size 10 zippers are larger and more durable than the hardware found on most other bags in its class. Its strong, all-metal Everki zipper pulls are built to last and the laptop compartment features pulls with lock-holes to help you protect your valuables while you are on-the-go.
Model EKP120
UPC code 874933002062
Fits laptops up to 18.4 in (46,74 cm)
Laptop compartment 12.99 x 1.97 x 20.47 in (33 x 5 x 52 cm)
External dimensions 14.96 x 8.27 x 21.26 in (38 x 21 x 54 cm)
Bag weight 4.42 lbs ( 2,01 kg)
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty
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I travel a lot and I love the check point friendly feature. The center strap keeps the bag comfortably secure to my back without slipping left or right. Great compartments to organize my stuff. Also, the large deep slots for systems can not be matched. Like another person said It does not look obnoxiously big . Two thumbs up!! Once you tried Everki, everything else is just a bag.
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By Ishmail N. from United States
Good bag, great design, great customer care. The bag is very stylish and looks very sleek. I get compliments about the bag frequently.

Only downside it is not super rugged. I do a lot of traveling and eventually, I had to warranty the bag. However, I have to say the customer service reps are top notch and made warrantying the bag hassle free.
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By Christopher W. from United States
I am very pleased with my backpack, is a product of excellent quality, roomy and spacious with many accessories. I can not fault, would recommend to anyone, and I must also compliment the service provided by the company, good, after losing an accessory, it has been replaced quickly and precisely. 5 stars for you. Thank you very much.
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By Alessandro T. from Italy
Just did my first trip with the Everki Titan. My previous "checkpoint friendly" backpack - from a different manufacturer - had a pass-through trolley strap, which I got used to. This does not. I guess I have to get used to that, judging by the numerous times the backpack fell off the suitcase when I'd attempt to lean the suitcase / backpack against the wall, chair, etc. when not pulling the suitcase / backpack combo. For such an expensive backpack, with so many positive features for heavy business travelers like myself (who often carry two laptops), this is a huge, huge, huge oversight. Happy with a lot of things with this backpack, but severely disappointed with the lack of a trolley strap, but that's on me. I had to quickly replace my old backpack and did not do proper due-diligence, and made the assumption that it would be a standard feature.
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By PJ F. from United States
I am using the backback on a daily basis for two years. As my work is connected with frequent travels across Europe all my important things are constantly kept inside the bag. I really appreciate all the cool features it has like mesh pockets – where you can actually see what is inside; the rain cover, so your things are safe when walking in the rain; the quick access pockets, so you are fast on the airport; the huge amount of space that it has inside to put some clothes for few days and so on.
The one feature that I was not able to use until now is the checkpoint friendly compartment. I have not been on an airport that would allow this kind of scan. Anyway it is there and you can use it to clean the pocket there or to find something lost inside.

The thing that actually made me write this review was the fact that I had two defects with the bag. I have contacted the support team and since that point in time I was getting more and more impressed by this company (Everki).
1. The support is super-fast keeping you in the loop of all the states of your complain.
2. They have sent a replacement bag in less than a week.
3. Actually this is the most amazing part – Everki have actually fixed all the design issues that were causing the problems I have experienced initially.

My experience with other companies is that most of the time they do not admit their defects. The best you can get is the exact same replacement of something that already failed. This was not the case with Everki, they have found, acknowledged and removed the defects.
As nowadays this kind of attitude is kind of rare I would highly recommend the backpack itself and the company as a whole.
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By Ivaylo M. from Bulgaria
It's by far the best bag I ever had.
It has a multitude of pockets for all your stuff , built with high quality materials and has a modern design .
The inside padding designed to protect your laptop is soft and I'm sure it will protect most of the laptops from a medium fall (1 m / 3 ft) . Unfortunately I have an Alienware 18 and due to it's weight it won't help it that much .
Talking about the laptop, it barely fits, but the special foam will expand enough to allow the laptop to fit faster into it's special pouch.
The bag is quite heavy, with a weight of about 2 kg / 4.5 lbs but the carrying straps are well design and you won't feel the weight.
I am very pleased with my acquisition and I don't regret buying EVERKY !
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By Alex T. from Romania
Just received my Titan today - Beautifully constructed, stylish, roomy - and one of the few bags that fits ASUS G750 laptops. I like carrying around way too much stuff pack-mule style, so this bag is perfect for me. I'm sure my stuff will be protected.
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By Perry D. from United States
GREAT BAG!!! This is the only backpack I could find that would fit my monster of a laptop. PLUS, there is loads of extra room for tablet, chargers, tape measures and a change of clothes for overnight trips. The only issue I had is the shoulder adjustment strap starting tearing at about 9 months of use, but Everki replaced the entire bag under warranty. I could not be happier with this bag!
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By Wesley P. from United States
The Everki Titan backpack is by far the best backpack I have come to own...and I've owned at least 10 backpacks in the last year. Usually I'll buy one and if i'm not happy with it, I'll buy another and another...but since I found the Titan, I havent gotten the urge to buy another backpack. The Titan is definitely the one to keep. It holds a lot of my devices, notebooks, electronics and accessories. You name it, the Titan can hold it. Everki is a great company. They have by far the best customer service and warranty! There was no hassle when it came to getting support for my backpack. They immediately addressed the issue and found a solution. It took all together about 30 minutes to resolve my problem. You cannot beat that anywhere! I'm definitely going to keep buying my backpacks from Everki. There's no need to go anywhere else!
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By Bernardo M. from United States
This thing is great. Was looking for something affordable and got it on sale off of NCIX.

I was actually surprised at how huge this thing is, I'm 5 8 so it is quiet large, but man can it fit anything. Could fit in my G75VX Asus laptop even in the padded slot (apparently the Beacon doesn't accomodate one but it still fits in the main compartment)

You could probably fit in 2-3 gaming laptops in this and still have room to spare, pretty much perfect for school. Love the straps.

Only thing I realised from other people is that the bottom ain't exactly padded, I just threw in some old shirt just in case.
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By Arie S. from Canada
Over several years of commuting long distances, I have tried out virtually every kind of business luggage. 2 years ago, I purchased a huge Asus G75 laptop and needed a new bag. This one received great reviews and I have not been disappointed. It is large enough to carry 2 laptops, all kinds of extra stuff, water and so on. Everything is well protected in there too. It is as comfy as a bag this size could be. I find myself using it even when I am not chugging around my big laptop but even for my newer 12 inch machine, just because it is so good.

On balance, I can unconditionally recommend this bag. Also, the customer service is amazing. I noticed that at the lower back end, a seam was opening, contacted Everki with pictures of it, and there was a brand new bag at my door the next day! That's how owners of luxury cars must feel like...

Cheers and keep the great work going.
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By from United States
Just wanted to know when you will be doing a bag for the GO PRO... This iOS all im asking have two other back pack bags that I enjoy.
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By from United States
Simply put - this bag / backpack works great! There is plenty of room for my laptop and every accessory imaginable. I highly recommend this product. It's built well and is holding up nicely to the everyday grind.
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By Michael B. from United States
A most splendid backpack fits both my old giant Medion Akoya, and my new smaller asus notebook on top of many a heavy schoolbook. Large enough to carry most anything and cushioned enough that my laptop survived inside when someone accidently pushed it down a small flight of stairs in the lecture-hall.
Not to mention the customer support, when an arm strap got frayed after several years of use, I got a new one within days, despite me never even knowing I was meant to register it. Top grades on both service and merchandise.
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By from United States
I received my Titan yesterday. For me, putting more than 100 euros in a bag was psychologically hard :P
But i have no regret, the bag is great, it can contain my alienware M18X, the power brick, my graphic tablet and a lot of stuff i need to go out or to go to university. the quality seems very good, I did'nt have time to test it very well but if there's a lifetime guarantee i think that's because the bag is strong :D
So if someone I know will be looking for a computer bag, i'll tell him to buy Everki.

Another great point, is that in France, Everki is not weel known, so people won't know i carry an expensive computer in my bag, that is a problem when you are using a Alienware or Asus gamer bag.

So conclusion : G R E A T !
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By Manon M. from France
The best laptop back I have ever owned. I used to go through the Targus laptop bags about 6 months to a year! So finally was fed up with the cheapness of the Targus bags and hesitantly spent the money for an Everki bag. Even though some of the bigger Targus bags cost the same but does not have the same warranty. I have taken this backpack almost all around the world and it has held up very well. I normally carry two laptops in my bag, one gaming system Asus G75 and my Macbook Pro and iPad, also all the power supplies and extra cables. The video they demonstrate is very comparable to what I end up carrying my backpack. It is very comfortable to wear and with all the support points it makes it easy to adjust. The average weight of my backpack when I am on a trip is about 30 pounds. So needless to say it holds up very well and is durable.
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By Ted C. from United States
I got this bag 5 month ago, it was really awesome, large compartment additional poach including rain coat. This is the best bag I ever had.
Support and after sale is really perfect, After five month I got small hole on my bottom bag, I submit the ticket for warranty, and around in 4 days I got new replacement bag, it come really quick.
If it come for to buy new bag, I will look no more but everki.
Thank you everki.
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By Akbar K. from United States
Just bought this bag for few days, everything is nice. Many partitions is allow us to put a lot of accessories. But the weight of bag can make it around 1 kg - 1.5 kg. Then it will look perfect. Cos our Big note book is heavy enough already. Finally, I think it is reasonable for me to look for this Bag for my 17.3" notebook.
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By KENNETH T. from Malaysia
5 Stars!! This is an excellent buy. Fits ASUS Republic Of Gamers Ultrabooks very nicely with lots of space to spare. Was looking for a bag just like this for a long time. Delivery was unbelievably quick as well. A Happy Customer
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By Bernard B. from South Africa
I bought the pack and after few weeks caring my asus g75 the bottom started to fall apart. After a year there was a rip in the left corner. I sent a message using the life warranty and they replace it with a new backpack. i was hoping they fix the corner of the back like the concept backpack for extra strength. Now i am going to test the new backpack if it happens again.
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By Theareak N. from Canada
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