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Premium Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack, up to 17.3" (EKP133)
Incorporating the full slate of Everki’s unique and functional features, the Concept is the traveler’s dream. Comfortable, well-organized, well-protected, and good-looking, this revolutionary backpack dresses to impress and makes every trip a breeze.
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Everki’s dedication to quality, innovation, versatility and continuous improvement comes through in its products, and the Concept is no exception. One of the company’s most feature-rich products to date, it is the culmination of two years of research and development into what customers want and need, and what makes a bag work. If the customer is looking for a cheap bag with a ton of features, there are plenty of options out there. If he or she wants a nice, high-end bag with limited features, there are a few good options. The Concept brings its wearer the best of both worlds.

Concept Premium Checkpoint Friendly Laptop BackpackThis bag sports many of the quality features for which Everki has come to be known – large zippers, leather handle, durable, water-repellant materials, ergonomic straps and back padding, Checkpoint-Friendly laptop compartment (fits up to 17.3”), and, of course, attractive design. Along with its laptop compartment, the Concept also features two additional large, zippered compartments, each strategically laid out to maximize space and functionality and outfitted with separate slots and pockets perfect for portable USB devices and other small and medium-sized items.

Everki’s latest endeavor also marks the debut of its patent-pending corner-guard protection system, which provides added padding to the areas laptop manufacturers have cited as the most frequently damaged. A sturdy hard-shell sunglass/gadget case, embedded discretely into its own zippered pocket, as well as a weight-distributing chest strap, water-repellent ballistic nylon exterior and weather cover, multi-function side pockets, and a slot for Kindle/iPad/tablet PC (in laptop compartment) round out this most recent addition to the catalogue. In addition, as with all Everki products, the Concept is backed by the company’s Limited Lifetime Warranty and world-class customer service.

Space, organization, quality, style… they’re all part of the Concept.

Does NOT fit Asus G73/G74/G75 Series, and Dell Alienware M18x notebooks. Please see our 18.4" laptop bags.  




Everki Lifetime Warranty
Lifetime Warranty Protection
You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that with any product in the Everki family, you never have to worry about discovering a flaw or defect after the end of the warranty period. Everki’s Limited Lifetime Warranty protects your purchase against manufacturing defects over the entire life of the product.
Everki Magnetic Quick-Access and Adjustable Side Pockets
Magnetic Quick-Access and Adjustable Side Pockets
The Concept’s top-front pocket is convenient for keeping gum, tissue, or travel documents on hand and holds shut using a magnetic closure. An additional pocket on either side of the bag, equipped with compression straps, provides quick access to larger items like water bottles without having to remove the backpack.
Everki Ergonomic Back Panel and Shoulder Straps
Ergonomic Back Panel and Shoulder Straps
Carrying a laptop and all of its accessories can wear a person out quickly. Luckily for the weary traveler, the Concept comes with pillow-soft shoulder straps and a padded back panel that pitch in to help you shoulder the load over long periods of time. Additional mesh padding and deep airflow channels go even further to keep you dry, cool, and comfortable.
Everki Optional Hidden Stash Compartment
Optional Hidden Stash Compartment
The Concept's weather cover compartment doubles as an extra pocket when the cover is removed and/or in use. Its discrete location makes it unnoticeable and thus ideal for stashing money or other important documents while traveling.
Everki Multi-Function Mini-Straps
Multi-Function Mini-Straps
Convenient mini-straps on the front of the Concept’s shoulder straps allow you to temporarily store and retrieve items like sunglasses and ear buds quickly and easily while at the cash register or on your way through check-in at the airport, making for a smooth transaction without added hassle.
Everki Weight Distributing Chest Strap
Weight Distributing Chest Strap
Today’s tech-savvy traveler needs a bag that can carry a lot of weight without adding to it. To achieve this, Everki created its Weight-Distributing Strap System, which distributes weight load evenly across the torso to reduce muscle strain and keep you feeling light on your feet with every step you take while wearing the Concept.
Everki High-Contrast Lining
High-Contrast Lining
With Everki, form and function are not mutually exclusive. In addition to a range of convenient pockets and slots that ensure contents stay in their designated places, the Concept features a high-contrast orange lining that fits in with the bag’s overall theme and makes items easier to find under any circumstance.
Everki Large Zippers and Metal Zipper Pulls
Large Zippers and Metal Zipper Pulls
The Concept’s size 10 zippers are larger and more durable than the hardware found on most other bags in its class. Its strong, all-metal Everki zipper pulls are built to last and the laptop compartment features pulls with lock-holes to help you protect your valuables while you are on-the-go.
Model EKP133
UPC code 874933002116
Fits laptops up to 17.3 in (43,94 cm)
Laptop compartment 11.00 x 1.50 x 16.50 in (28 x 3.81 x 41.9 cm)
External dimensions 12.99 x 7.87 x 19.69 in (33 x 20 x 50 cm)
Bag weight 4.52 lbs (2.05 kg)
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty
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Awesome bag, please check out my video review on youtube.

I discovered one problem with this bag. once the rain cover is removed from the bag and it is put back into its sleeve (which is at the bottom of the bag) the bag will not stand straight on the ground.
its just impossible to fold the rain cover to its original state so that it would fit properly back into the sleeve. so now i move around without the rain cover..
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By Jetto K. from South Africa
I've had my backpack almost a year, it gets used everyday lugging around 25lbs of stuff in the worst environment. Normal backpacks last 4-7 months before they need replacing. This still looks like the day I bought it. I'm expecting to get 3 years from this one, based on the price that's the break even point. Couldn't ask for more out of a backpack
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By Loren H. from United States
Let me start by saying my Everki Concept is well made and quite functional. I bought the backpack off the Everki website at full list price. I love it in all respects except one.

The Everki Concept has a long and narrow handle which in my view is a major design flaw for travelers. The handle is ascetically appealing but a functional failure for Road Warriors.

I live in a small city and have to connect on every flight. I take my Tumi 22 rollabout and Everki Concept on most trips. I use the Tumi attach a bag connector to attach my Everki Concept to transport both bags as one. Due to the long narrow handle my backpack often drags on the pavement and the bottom is for most part now destroyed.

I am sure the Everki Concept is a fantastic backpack for students but in my view functionally a huge disappointment for this Road Warrior with carry on baggage.
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By Steve M. from United States

I would like to update my initial review and rating of Everki and my purchasing experience of my Concept backpack.

The customer service department contacted me regarding my review and the issues with my purchase, and their follow-up service was impeccable. After a lengthy discussion regarding my concerns, I was directed to try the Atlas backpack, a new product that has the pass-thru luggage handle feature I was seeking. I exchanged the backpacks, and one word: amazing. Not only does the Atlas have an excellent pass-thru feature, the overall interior of the backpack allows for a modular setup of organizers and gadgets.

I'd like to change my review of the Everki service and products to 5-stars, up from the original 2-stars. Perhaps my original experience with their customer service was a glitch, but their follow-up was excellent. I'm writing this from the airport with the new backpack, and it's by far one of the best checkpoint-friendly backpacks I've ever used.

Thanks Everki.



buyer beware.

Since the Concept was only available from Everki at the time I purchased it, I called Everki and was told that this bag is essentially bigger version of the Versa. Since there were more specs online for the Versa than the Concept, I researched the Versa and then ordered the Concept expecting the same features. Bad idea. I travel a lot with only carry-on luggage, and find a luggage-handle strap, or something that holds the bag to the rollaboard extendable handles, priceless. The Concept does not have one, though it seems the Versa has one (I must caveat this that I've never used the Versa, having bought the Concept instead, but found some popular websites indicating this feature). I literally received the bag on the day I had to travel, so I transferred the contents from my Samsonite and ran to the airport. The cursory check didn't seem to show the handle strap very easily, but I just thought it was cleverly designed and hidden. I called Everki, and nope, the Concept does not have one. Probably the reason I only give 2 stars is that the bag itself is ok, but the customer service was so-so after I contacted them, even after I explained that I did not get the right information for the purchase. Will never buy another Everki product again.

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By Michael . from United States
After doing some internet searching for a good bag for my vacation of a lifetime trip to japan with my wife, I decided to get the "Concept" bag Everki. I LOVE this bag! The build quality is great, as are all of the little touches like the sunglasses / hard case in the top of the bag.

I also like the fact that I can carry either 1 laptop and 1 tablet, or 2 laptops without removing them from the bag. I have gone through a few different airports, including the one in Japan, and had no issue leaving (2) laptops in the bag and just zipping the laptops flag open and running it through the scanner.

It was more expensive than some other bags, but I have had the bag for over a year and half, and use it every day going back and forth to work with multiple electronic devices with no whatsoever.

I am so glad I purchased this bag, and can highly recommend it!
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By Jay J. from United States
I just purchased this bag the Everki Concept to replace the Booq bag I had for many years. Looked good and thought it could handle my work load. I work in the music business, carry lots of stuff, cables, bits and pieces.

Great bag well made, could not handle the stuff I had in my Booq Python and keep things organized, not even close. Lesson learned, this bag will collect dust now.

Ended up buying the next model of the Booq and it blows this bag away, with pouches, organization , quality, ease of accessing things I need.
If you want a good backpack, overpriced get the Everki.
If you want a functional bag, as good a quality, better price point get the Booq.
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By from United States
I am particular about products. I would have given it 5 stars except for the following 2 reas, but it makes it harder to get things out of the bag because it gets in the way when pulling files, magazines, papers, etc, out of the back pack, which leads to #2...
2. The back pack is large, which is what I want/need. For a pack this large, I would expect that things could fit in a more organized manner. There are LOTS of pockets and things, but it just seems that there could be some more organization. The space for an iPad and laptop are very easy to use at the airport, but on a day-to-day basis, pulling the shoulder straps back to get the laptop in & out isn't quite perfect; the trade-off for a fast airport experience.

All this said, I do like the backpack a lot. It fits perfect under the seat of an airplane, it keeps stuff protected and organized. The water bottle holders on each side are great (I use an insulated Camelbak squeeze bottle that is a little larger). I could go for some more external pockets and storage. because I load it up with so much stuff! Great product Everki!
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By Art T. from United States
How many bags have you bought? Me, I bought too many until I saw this bag online.For two years I have had this bag traveling on commercial and military aircraft. Comfort and ease is the best to describe this as a user traveling. My MacBook Air, iPad, sunglasses, bottled waters, snacks, utensils, etc. were easy to get to and safely guarded in this bag. The price is worth it. Especially, if you've traveled enough on commercial flights and are getting tired of TSA. Two agents were pestering me (while I was in military uniform) to take my items out. I smiled while unzipping the back of the bag for them to scan my laptop & iPad. The bottom corners work great in protecting any device you put in it. You'll love the velvet-smooth feel of the lining for your laptop(s). Be careful of the chest straps; I lost the female-end to mine, but the warranty will be sending in a new one. You're missing out on quality. The next time it rains, or you're in a dust storm...you'll wish you had the extra protection this bag gives.
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By Casanova G. from United States
Purchased my Concept backpack in mid November 2013. Really liked the overall features and design of the backpack. So many pockets and compartments to store and hide your personal items. Used it often whenever flying to my destinations. Soft back cushion is great during long treks through the airport or commute. The protected laptop compartment is a very nice innovation by Everki.

Recently, the seam on the shoulder strap came apart and the hole kept getting larger. Called customer service and expected some resistance since it has been over 6 months since my purchase. My faith in "true" customer service was restored by how Everki handled the situation. The c.s.r. was happy, courteous and so helpful. It took a total of 3 business days from start to finish to address and close my inquiry.

Fantastic job on handling the situation and addressing the problem in quick, efficient and professional manner.

Excellent product backed up by superior customer service!!!

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By Vanh M. from United States
I'm using this backpack for few months now. It is amazing. I was blown away by the quality of the material and the make. It is indeed premium. The checkpoint friendly feature is of great help, the glasses compartment is awesome.

My only issue with the backpack is that when I take out my laptop and try to keep it, it topples towards the front. It doesn't have a steady base. May be its just me, but this somewhat irritating. Not a major thing. But could be improved.

Overall I'm very happy with it and I love it. I think this is one of the best backpacks I have ever owned.
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By Tejas L. from United States
Absolutely amazing bag.
Has room for literally anything I may need with plenty of compartments and such for organising essentials for university. Fits my textbooks, notebook, 17inch macbook pro, kindle/tablet, charger, pens literally everything.

And the sunglasses case is spacious enough for my sunglasses, glasses and phone.

Had a slight problem with a slight tear at the top and contacted them and sent me a prompt replacement within 2 days! An amazing experience purchasing and using this product.
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By Hyun-ho Shin from United Kingdom
At this point, I've only had my bag for a couple of weeks and I must say.... I LOVE IT!! It's a great alternative to the Tumi Alpha bag I've been wanting, costing about $200 less. Great size, weight and comfort. Let's see where this journey takes us!
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By Ed M. from United States
I have had this bag for over a year and travel with it extensively internationally and domestically.

The construction of this bag is very strong. Large zippers, thick nylon, leather and straps. The joints and seams are well stitched which is the usual failure point of many bags or the zippers fail.

I've loaded this bag for bear as there is plenty of space, to the point it gets rather heavy to carry. It will fit in the overhead of even the small commuter planes, with a little persuasion. It has enough pockets for organization but I wish it had a few more up high in each compartment.

The computer is well protected and corners have extra support and protection.

The best thing is it zips open for security so no need to remove the laptop computer!

I'm sure this bag will out last most others I've used over the years.

I also have the Titan which I have not used and looks rather big for airplane travel but is of the same build quality.

I just wish there was a side handle strap so one could grab the bag to pull it out of the overhead bin.

I have never used the rain cover but that is a nice feature and I'm sure will be useful one day.
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By Eric L. from United States
First let me start off by thanking the staff at Everki for their superior customer service. Although I’ve worked with many bought the Everki EKP133 17.3 Laptop Backpack for my Samsung 17 Series 9 Notebook. You know you’ve received an excellent product when the packaging it arrives in comes in its own name brand pouch. What drew me to this particular bag at first was its executive design look. Soon after reviewing all the bags features , water resistance, airport check-in friendly, just to name a few. This bag in my opinion has it all. Being in the military and stationed in Colorado I just had to take the bag on a hike. Even though I weighed the bag with all my gear, the design of the bag allowed for an even distribution of weight and better center of gravity. Well now that my wife saw the bag she also wants one, so now to buy one for the wife.
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By Misael M. from United States
When I unboxed the Concept, I could tell right away that it was a quality bag. It's very sturdy but still has a good feel to it. This was the only bag I could find with everything I was looking for (i.e. checkpoint capability, correct laptop pocket sizing, good material, sunglass holder). It was the priciest bag I've ever bought, but I plan on using it for a really long time.
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By Brandon T. from United States
This bag is awesome! I love all of the compartments and attention to detailing! I looked and looked for a backpack and this one fits all of my needs. I really like the laptop and tablet compartments!

i have to say that the customer service is exceptional! I first received this bag and there was an issue with the zipper. Irma and Hanz were great and I had a new bag in a few days.

I would truly recommend this bag and this company! Both are great!
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By from United States
The best pack out there. Got this for work and it does exactly what I need it to, design/pockets are perfectly sized and placed. Holds everything with ease and keeps enough room for any extra items as needed. Customer service is excellent, had a issue and they resolved it 100% very quickly. Will definitely use Everki products again.
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By from United States
This bag is full of slot-style storage for inserting laptops, folders, files, and small gadgets in an extremely organized fashion. I love how it feels really light on my back due to the weight distribution and cushioning. It feels very durable and high quality. We'll see what the bag looks like in 2 years. If it falls apart before then, I probably won't buy another and we'll see if they honor the limited lifetime warranty.

If you are looking to shove gym clothes, shoes, large photography cameras, Xbox360, or IED explosives, you can buy a $30 bag at Target. This bag was designed for the organized, business traveler. If y'all are looking for a stuff sack to throw junk in, this is the wrong bag for you.
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By Raymond W. from United States
It has become a habit of mine to lug around my laptop to wherever I go, including on holidays, and I have been looking for a backpack that is conceptually sound and built tough. The Concept Premium checkpoint friendly backpack answered all my prayers. I can put my Asus N57 and my Ipad, and all the other gadgets that I bring around. It also has rooms to store my Moleskin notebook, my Hibben knife and also my other daily necessities. The backpack looks great to boot.....
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By Yeun H. from Malaysia
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